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Monday, June 23, 2008

Continued Intervention into Precious Metals

Wow! Look at both graphs. Does that look like normal market activity? How obvious can intervention be! The cartel is at it again. That means that we of the persuasion of staying away from the depreciating dollar have been shot at again by the earthly powers that have a great interest in discouraging investments in precious metal or the greedy insiders who are using unfair derivatives to profit at our expense.

I continually ask, as did David, "How long, O Lord?" How long will the wicked be allowed to trample God's Law and manipulate markets that should be free to respond to normal buyers and sellers.

DROOY is at 6.36; HMY 10.74; PAAS 13.42; SSRI 28.13. The miners' ETF GDX is at 43.99. Not a good day for mining stocks. The DJI os 11862 down about 20.

Always interesting, isn't the market place. By the way, gasoline at the pumps is hanging about 3.90 here.

Best to each, Doug

Well, this is only a short post to reveal the intervention in our markets. Gold is 883.10 and silver 16.75.


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