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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gold and Silver Up Overnight - Economics of Losses

The trading in Asia shows higher prices for our precious metals. Silver and gold at trading a good bit higher.

The shortage in silver and gold in smaller sizes continues. Check out for a disclaimer revealing longer delivery times. This is typical of most of the outlets for the metals.

The currencies in relation to the prices of the metals is mixed.

The destruction from Hurricane Ike is quite large. From an economic perspective, the losses in the wealth of our nation will be great. Thought the damage will be repaired, it will be repaired by the use of funds which could have been better spent adding to our wealth, not restoring what was lost. Think of all of the aging infrastructure of America that could have been replaced and added to increase out wealth. That would have been much better use of the repair dollars which will be spent.

God in His wisdom has brought Ike and similar "disasters" upon us. Perhaps, these are His warnings for us to return to Him. He sent numerous disasters in the past upon ungodly nations to call them to repentance. We must heed these warnings and turn back to the God of all, before it is too late.

In the up coming election, let us vote for the candidate who exhibits a fear of the God of Abraham and has shown, by his actions, that He is following the way of the Lord. Let us not simply vote against what we perceive as the greater evil, but for true men of God.

Best to each, Doug


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