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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Evolution Based Upon Fraud - Gold & Silver Up - Miners Gain

Both Gold and Silver are showing signs of new life. They are sprinting forward again. It is about time. The dollar must be resuming its downward trend. Look for bonds to follow.


Who Poses the Greater Threat?
by Walter E. Williams
Bill Gates is the world's richest person, but what kind of power does he have over you? Can he force your kid to go to a school you do not want him to attend? Can he deny you the right to braid hair in your home for a living? It turns out that a local politician, who might deny us the right to earn a living and dictates which school our kid attends, has far greater power over our lives than any rich person. Rich people can gain power over us, but to do so, they must get permission from our elected representatives at the federal, state or local levels. For example, I might wish to purchase sugar from a Caribbean producer, but America's sugar lobby pays congressmen hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to impose sugar import tariffs and quotas, forcing me and every other American to purchase their more expensive sugar. Another interesting article by Walter Williams; read it HERE.


Obama vs. the 10th Amendment
by Chuck Norris

Not surprisingly, a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released last Friday revealed that 56 percent of Americans think the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to their rights and freedoms.

Particularly apropos here is the feds' health care violation of the 10th Amendment, which is part of our Bill of Rights and was ratified Dec. 15, 1791. The amendment says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Read it HERE.


Hoax of the Century
by Pat Buchanan

With publication of "On the Origin of Species" in 1859, the hunt was on for the "missing link." Fame and fortune awaited the scientist who found the link proving Darwin right: that man evolved from a monkey.

In 1912, success! In a gravel pit near Piltdown in East Sussex, there was found the cranium of a man with the jaw of an ape.

"Darwin Theory Proved True," ran the banner headline.

Evolution skeptics were pilloried, and three English scientists were knighted for validating Piltdown Man.

It wasn't until 1953, after generations of biology students had been taught about Piltdown Man, that closer inspection discovered that the cranium belonged to a medieval Englishman, the bones had been dyed to look older and the jaw belonged to an orangutan whose teeth had been filed down to look human. Read it HERE.



BMO's Melek says supply constraints already evident in copper

BMO's global commodity analyst Bart Melek has a "quite robust view of the commodity market" and anticipates a "robust restocking cycle" in metals.

Author: Dorothy Kosich
Posted: Tuesday , 02 Mar 2010


BMO Capital Markets global commodity analyst Bart Melek said Monday the impact of the Chilean earthquake will be "not all that great" in terms of global copper supplies.

Instead, Melek suggested a production decline of Chilean copper could halve copper surplus and make markets tighter.

During a conference call with journalists at the BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference, Melek forecast supply constraints in copper, iron ore, platinum, silver and metallurgical coal. Read it HERE.


I suggest you look over at from time to time to get a better fix on true stats which are not provided by the USG. The graphs are always interesting and are more accurate.


Gold companies impatient with import blocks

On February 5, 2010, the State Bank intervened in the gold market by requesting Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) sell gold to the market. SJC also became the only company which was granted a quota to import gold in the first phase of the year.

There has been no exact figure on the gold volume the company imported, but analysts have guessed that at least eight tons of gold was imported by SJC in February 2010 alone.

SJC has been selling bar gold to the market to help stabilize it. Read the article HERE.


Parsing 200 years of gold trades

Commentary: What is the gold chart saying about the future price?

Maybe gold is just rebounding again. Maybe it is overshooting, again

Or -- make that "and" -- maybe the gold chart is simply telling is the same thing that the chart of the real value of an 1801 dollar bill is telling us.

Which is that there is some sort of dramatic discontinuity in financial history, dating to the start of the 20th century.

Thus the value of an 1801 dollar bill fluctuated throughout the 19th century, but it ended about where it started.

After that, it fell off a cliff, to a recent value of $0.056. The story of the 20th century is inflation.

Our candidate for the cause of this discontinuity: the Federal Reserve, which began in 1913. Note, particularly, the last line. Read it HERE.

Miners from

Currencies from

Some prices: BYDDF 8.67; FVITF 2.2072; XDSL 0.0255; KENS 0.0111; SNWT 0.11; DOW up 28 to 10431; Gold 1126.20; Silver 16.69.

King Jesus is in control and that means that all should see the peace and security of trusting in Him alone. Man is ever changing, because he has a mind damaged by sin even when man has received new life by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. He is ever subject to change. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The God of the Old Testament is the unchanging God of the New Testament. He is the same from all eternity to the end of the temporal world. He is constant and unchangeable. Praise Him daily, because we can depend upon Him.

Best to each, Doug


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