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Friday, April 09, 2010

Gold and Silver extending breakout today

This will be brief, but I wanted to alert all to the big moves in the market.

Wow! We are seeing large moves in both of our precious metals and mining stocks. This is a very strong continuation of the recent breakout.

Miners from
Currencies from
Some prices: BYDDF 10.32 (off 0.15); FVITF 2.84 (up 0.10); TBT 49.16 (up 0.22); UUP (dollar ETF down 0.15); GDXJ 28.47 (Junior miners ETF up 0.58); DOW up 52 to 10979; Gold up 11.60 to 1162.80, and Silver up 0.33 to 18.39.

Best to each, Doug


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