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Friday, May 28, 2010

BYD Company Coming Alive - More Intervention - Metals Holding Well

The powers that be simply cannot keep their hands off of our metals. Some day, they will have to, but for the time being we have no free markets. Guess that Austrian Economics remains out of style and we live under socialistic/communistic rule guided by Keynes. Of course, Keynesian Economics has been disproved over and over again, but it is the choice of the elite to maintain their control over populations.

They love top down government even though God prescribed bottom up free governments. Of course, most people today have turned from God and His Law-Word, so we reap the "benefits." thereof. Or, is the financial melt down just a portion of God's judgment on the folly of man?

This is an example of a stock which was hit badly recently and seems to have some new life. I have not been watching the graph as closely as I would like. I am not ready to buy yet. The price went through May tracing what may turn out to be a very positive "W". We cannot be sure at this point, but there is some encouragement. Would be interested in buying if the price drops back into the low $7 range. The market will tell us as time passes.

This is a must hear 20 minute audio which gives a lot of insight into the world-wide financial crisis. Here it HERE. Don't miss this!!!!!!

From WSJ via

Judy Shelton: The recovery starts with sound money

The title should whet you appetite. Read it HERE.


Decisive break-out to the upside' for silver forecast

Silver bulls may be surprised to learn from GFMS' "World Silver Survey 2010" that the average silver price fell in 2009 for the first time in eight years.

Author: Dorothy Kosich
Posted: Friday , 28 May 2010


GFMS' short-term forecast for silver "is that through to July silver will trade between $16.40-$19.50, broadly shadowing gold," GFMS Chairman Philip Klapwijk predicted today.

In a presentation of "The World Silver Survey 2010" Thursday morning to the Silver Institute in New York City, Klapwijk predicted that before the end of this year, "a more decisive break-put to the upside is probable, with a fair chance that 2008's London-high of $20.92 will be exceeded."

The "World Silver Survey 2010" noted that, in spite of a strong rally in silver prices last year, "the annual average price in 2009 fell for the first time since 2001, slipping 2% to $14.67."

"Despite the significance of the supply/demand fundamentals, we would still regard investment as the prime driver of silver prices last year, with the steady gains for the silver ETFs and the more volatile upward path in the net investor long on Comex both being critical," GFMS said. Read it HERE.


Inflation vs. gold vs. deflation

US core consumer price inflation hits its lowest point in 49 years, so which is the major worry - inflation or deflation?

Author: Barry Sergeant
Posted: Thursday , 27 May 2010


US core consumer price inflation has fallen to under 1%, the lowest annual rate recorded in 49 years, posing a dilemma of sorts for scaremongers warning of hyperinflation, blamed on "incessant printing of money" by central banks. Gold bullion, say the gold bugs, is the answer to fiat money, and the best hedge against rampant inflation.

It seems that if anything, disinflation could be the big issue for investors to fret about. The outcome over which emerges is crucial to practically all investment decisions. Economists generally agree that while a low inflation rate is generally acceptable, disinflation can be positively dangerous. The phenomenon demoralizes everyone, from central bankers to workers, who worry about whether they will soon have no pay at all. All governments and banks chose inflation over deflation every time under Keynesian Economics. Read it HERE.

Miners from
Currencies from
Some prices: BYDDF 8.15; FVITF 2.0646; ATLIF 11.95 (Good Consistent Dividend, but a better buy around $10 which would look good to me.); DOW down 63 to 10196 (just above 10,000); Gold down 6.10 to 1205.80 (Still above 1200.); Silver down 0.20 to 18.31.

This week end as well as all week ends, it is important to join in corporate worship. We all need to hear the word of God, to participate in the sacraments, and to fellowship with believers. This is a very important responsibility for all of us.

Best, Doug


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