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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

After the close - Gold - Silver - GDX - GDXJ


Gold closed at another new high. Silver up, as well. Here are the Graphs:
The miners are following. Here are the ETF for miners from

The smaller miners are not doing quite as well as the larger, but the real leverage for the eventual gold rush is in the smaller mines. However, we need to hold on for a longer time. It takes a lot of patience, but in the end, the pay off could be substantial. I am holding my mining stocks and keeping (even building up more cash to plow in when/if we get a correction. Gold, silver and the miners are overbought at this time, but that does not seem to slow the climb down that much. 

Here is a treat -- Look at the miners from Scottrade after the close - All Green:

Remember, it is we should always love it "when a plan comes together."

Best to each, Doug


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