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Friday, November 05, 2010

Gold & Silver steady a high levels - FVITF - SILA - BULM - TWDIF - Miners - Currencies

Folks, I have an early appointment, so must be brief today. 

Stay focused upon King Jesus and work toward furthering His kingdom.

A.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Comex Gold Near Steady After New Record High Set Overnight;
U.S. Jobs Data Awaited
05 November 2010, 8:00 a.m.
By Jim Wyckoff   Read it HERE.
Miners from

Currencies from

Some Prices: FVITF 4.15 (WOW! I sold a few shares yesterday to lock in some profit and raise more cash for any correction. I look to get back in ASAP.); SILA 0.74; BULM 0.96; TWDIF 0.326 (Would like to buy around 0.24); DOW off 11.80 to 11423+; SPX up 2 to 1223+; Gold off 6.10 to 1386.80; Silver up 0.02 to 26.37.

Best to each, Doug


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