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Monday, May 16, 2011

Correction Continues and is spreading to all markets. Dollar up slightly.

Back from another successful business trip. Sorry for the lack of updates. 

From Issue 668 over the weekend:
"Governments don’t mind getting caught, not in the comparatively small stuff. What they do NOT want to
do is to get caught in a BIG one. The one thing that a government does NOT want their people to
discover is that every policy they push for the “good” of the people has as its end and only goal the
perpetuation and increase of their power OVER the people.

A credit-based monetary system under total government control gives a government power over its
people. When such a system reaches global proportions, as it did four decades ago, there is no escape
from this situation - except one. That one is to topple the global credit-based monetary system. That is
the one event which government power over its people CANNOT survive. The US government has now
reached a point of desperation where it doesn’t care how many “Eleventh Commandments” it breaks, as
long as it doesn’t break the ultimate one." The "Eleventh Commandment" by the Privateer is "Don't get caught." This is the game that governments play continuously. They have such arrogance and contempt of the perceived ignorance of the citizens, that they play it on a daily basis as the speak of the "strong dollar" and efforts to "cut spending." In the Osama death, the USG was caught very early even as Obama was speaking. Then the reports were followed by many changes which would leave one to doubt about the timing and all the professed "facts" the speech contained.

 Silver, on the other hand had gone parabolic at toward the end of the recent rise. It had been a bit in the over bought range, but the real reason for the very substantial drop was the raising of margins in the commodities market. Thus, buying took considerably more cash which evidently the investors lacked. Thus, buying in the paper metal market dropped and this played over into the physical metals.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:
Some Prices: DOW off 13.74 to 12586.52; S&P up 0.49 to 1328.95; NASDAQ off 8.57 to 2820.13; Gold up 7.20 to 1502.40; Silver off 0.13 to 35.17. We seem to be in a correction mode for all markets.

Best to each, Doug


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