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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wicked Stock Markets

The markets turned in an awful Wednesday. The Transportations were down 115.61 to 4804.57 and the DJI were down 236.77 to 11147.44. The Transportations are still above the November low of 4355.78, but turned in an awful day while the DJI is below the November low of 12743.44 and seems to be headed much lower. We always wonder about the location of the bottom of these markets. It most certainly appears that the bottoms have yet to be reached. The general market seems is dire trouble and headed for much worse. Just imagine the impact of frantic margin calls from brokers to the dismay of investors.

Silver gave us a fairly decent day closing at 17.95 which is up 0.03, while gold was off 5.50 to 923.30. Both were up higher much of the day, but when the broad markets began their descent, both backed off from their highs. The mining stocks are still attempting to recover from the drops of the last two days.

The dollar strengthened a bit again, but the downward trend remains solidly in place. The increase in interest rates to 4.25% in Euroland has put more grease on the skids of the dollar. It is destined for much lower purchasing power. We can see this as we shop. We will have a lower standard of living, before the situation improves.

I cannot over emphasize that it is time to batten down the financial hatches for a real storm which is gathering wind and much strength. Internationally, we are losing influence. We are also in the midst of an election which has great storm clouds on the horizon. Neither candidate will be good for freedom for us. We can expect larger government and greater deficits from either. Perhaps, the more liberal one is the worst of the two, but neither will be good for America.

We must earnestly pray that God will raise up strong Christian men to rule over us. It may well be that God is giving America what most of the citizens seem to desire - a total welfare state. It is not known by many that such a state continually grabs more and more power until it becomes a dictator run state with martial law to rob and oppress the citizens beyond their wildest fears.

Every time, I hear the phrase, "God bless America," I wonder how the speaker believes that God will bless a nation which has turned its back on the Sovereign God. We must humble ourselves before Him, earnestly confess our sins, seek His face, and follow His law for God to ever bless America again. We, as a nation, deserve His wrath and much of what we are seeing about us may be His judgment upon the United States of America. Nowhere in the bible is there any guarantee that our nation will last forever.

Most empires of the past have collapsed from moral decay from within. This is the case even when they were too militarily powerful to be captured from without. We are witnessing the bankruptcy of America, both morally and financially. We should ask, as did David, "How long O' Lord?" He holds the answer in His hand.

BUT, He loves and cares for His people. Nothing can separate us from His love and His promises. We must thank Him daily for His care and provision. Remember, He is with us always, and we need no more than Him on a daily basis. All things are working together for our eventual good, and He always balances the books in the end. Depend upon this!

Best to each, Doug


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