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Monday, September 22, 2008

Do We Now Have a Financial Dictatorship?

Gold is again on the move toward $900. Will it be slapped down again? I do not know, but it is moving very strongly and has broken through both the 50 Day and 200 Day moving averages. A detractor is the fact that the 50 Day remains below the 200 Day. It will take a longer run to reverse this.
Silver has, also, taken a nice upward spring, but is yet to surpass the averages. If is lagging behind gold.
The Miners are also lagging gold and have yet to break through the averages. The upward thrust is quite strong, but must be of longer duration to break through the averages.

Gold is presently at $898 and silver is at $13.33. Both are up strongly on the day. Could it be that the shorts have been covered? That would be nice for the precious metals.

From the Taipan Daily this morning is the following headline:

We Now Live in a Dictatorship
Three men now control virtually every aspect of your financial life. Find out how to defend yourself from them!
by Adam Lass, Senior Editor, WaveStrength Options Weekly

The article continues:

"The greatest coup ever attempted is almost complete.

Forget about the sitting U.S. president. Every time he spoke, last week, he was greeted by resounding boos from the only audience that votes 24 hours a day, five days a week: the global stock market.

Forget about those two guys running for president, too. By the time either can take the oath of office, the office itself will be little more than a sinecure.

Forget about the heads of state in Europe and Asia, for that matter. Nothing they have had to say has mattered a bit (and that includes that KGB upstart in Russia).

The world’s various legislatures, including the U.S. Congress? Impotent.

The central banks of Europe? China? Japan? Sidelined.

The entire world economy now jumps at the beck and call of three men: Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner.

They may have official titles like “U.S. Treasury secretary,” “chairman of the Federal Reserve,” and president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York”… but you probably should get used to the idea of addressing them as “The Great Triumvirate.”

For years now, Washington has systematically destroyed the value of the dollar.

This campaign of destruction led directly to the real estate bubble, its demise and the ensuing mortgage crisis.

The entire time, these three men have quietly assured the public that all was well, that no precipitous actions were needed to be taken to forestall the troubles that were bearing down on us like a 300-car coal train barreling down Thunder Mountain."

I do not buy everything that is said, but I believe they have hit upon the threat to our financial security. Most Americans look to the government and banks to solve the problems these entities have created. Reminds me of sending the fox to guard the chickens.

Of course, government schools have been into social engineering to dumb down Americans for decades. The success they have achieved is evident in the total dependence upon the government for everything from the cradle to the grave. It is their messiah without the Sovereign Power of our one true Messiah: Jesus Christ, The Lord.

As I have reported before, "We no longer have markets, but intervention." Thus, it will be more and more difficult to manage financial assets. Gold and silver have been money for centuries, while paper FIAT currencies have been around for a relatively short period of time.

FIAT currencies are controlled and issued by decrees of governments. Ever wonder why we have taxes in a nation that can print all the dollars they want. Our central bank system creates dollars with every dollar it lends. Such a deal!

It seems to me that taxes are used simply to direct businesses and people to spend or invest in "government decreed" areas. Or to refrain from spending or investing in all other areas. Thus, taxes seem to be more for control of citizens than to fund the government.

The bank and government solution to all problems are two fold, as follows: (1) If a funded program is failing, the answer is always to throw more dollars at it, and (2) If a financial problem arises, produce more dollars. In either case, the answer is always more inflation.

This will make precious metals the foundation for the future. It should continually cause the price of the metals to increase in terms of the debased dollar.

Thankfully, our Messiah is in charge and directing all things for the glory of the Father. That is a blessing for each of us which gives us peace and comfort in times such as these.

Best to each, Doug


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