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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hollywood is Attacking the Family - Gold Capped at $900

Folks, as you examine the green trace of today, compare to the red trace of yesterday. From all appearance, we will have another day like yesterday. Gold may be capped by the powers that be at 900 for the time being. Not very exciting; in fact, a boring time for the precious metals. Gold is $888 and silver $13.36.

All of the focus is upon the gigantic band aid that King Henry and Bernanke are pressuring Congress to approve. Some of the Democrats are asking the real question, "Show us the details of the plan". As usual, the liberals in Congress are playing politics.

However, if you believe that a measly $700 Billion will save the whole system, I have a bridge which you might want to buy. I will sell it on the cheap! We are looking at a few Trillion. As the saying goes, "A billion here, a trillion there and soon you are talking about a great amount of currency."

The German economy is not as lame as many would have you believe. Even though consumer confidence dropped more than expected, the economy there is much stronger than ours. Unmentioned in most media is the fact that much of the ECM trading is among the partners. This is ignored by most of the "chicken littles." The sky really is not falling in Europe.

I believe that foreigners and international central banks are stinging from the loss of value of the dollar. Then are not nearly as naive as we are lead to believe. Under the circumstances of the day, how long will they continue to buy dollar instruments to support our debt? Some have already begun lowering the dollars in reserve and it is becoming more difficult to sell our debt to them.

In spite of the challenges of the credit bubble and the downward slide of the dollar, I believe the most critical crisis in America today is the killing the family. Hollywood never misses an opportunity to attack the family. The new "310 to Yuma" is an example in several ways: (1) The son disobeys the father and goes into a burning barn to save the horses. The father saves him, but the world is being taught that it is Okay for a son to disobey the father against the Forth Commandment. (2) The wife, almost violently, opposes the father's quest for dollars necessary to save the farm in violation of her God given place of honor in the family as commanded in Ephesians 5:22,23 where she is told to be obedient to her husband. (3) The father is presented as a weak, incompetent man while God requires the father and husband to be head, protector, and provider for the family. Thus, his authority is undermined. (4) The criminal who is being held is presented as the wise man throughout. In fact, he is a violent murderer.

This is simply one example of Hollywood's attack on God's basic unit of society the family. I urge you to critically examine movies that you watch. Look for these clear examples of how the family is being viciously attacked by this media. However, be aware that the attack is multifaceted. It occurs in television shows, particularly the serial "situation" and "realistic" shows and across all media. As, if you view, use a critical eye and look for glaring examples of this explicit thrust of Hollywood's elite. You will be surprised at what you find. There is almost no broad media presentation or even advertisement which does not in some way attack the family.

The attack on the family is for the purpose of undermining the denigrating the father to destroy the family. Without strong spiritual leadership of Godly fathers, the family is doomed. The heart of the matter is Hollywood is attempting to stomp our Christianity ignoring our Christian heritage.

Folks, it really is time to get on our knees, ask for God's forgiveness, turn to Him in obedience, and pray that He will heal our land.

Join me in this effort, before it is too late. There is nothing in Scripture which guarantees that These United States will last forever.

Best, Doug


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