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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gold Above 1175 - King Jesus reigns Supreme

Here is the gold graph for late evening trading. Notice the $8+ jump. There should be light trading as traders prepare for Thanksgiving break here in America. The light trading period may give us time to sell some of our losers at slightly higher prices or to add to our portfolios.

The 3 month graph of gold, below, shows the extreme climb of the last few days. Something like 14 up days of the last 15. That is a very strong showing. We must be in the second phase or possibly in the third phase of the gold bull market. Time will reveal this to us.
It is very appropriate that we give thanks to King Jesus for His providential creation of America through mostly Christian men among our founding fathers. Using the Geneva Bible from John Calvin's Geneva, they sought to spread the Kingdom of God throughout the "new" world.

We must, also, repent of the fact that most Americans and in particular the churches have turned their backs on our Sovereign God. Many through ignorance of God's Word and many just giving into the lusts, pride, and other idols which seem to satisfy.

Let us repent and diligently study God's Word that we may be more discerning of our activities which include all movies and music in which we delight. We must view everything in which we come in contact in the light of God's Word. For every activity and source of entertainment, we must ask ourselves if this glorifying to God and for the furtherance of His Kingdom. If not, we must reject and turn away from it.

We must hate sin as God does. And, by the in working power of the Holy Spirit, we must develop a sound Christian world and life view. This is critical for the healing of our nation. As we turn back to God, perhaps, He will remove His judgment upon us before His patience with us expires and we fall under His wrathful destruction.

Best to each, Doug


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