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Monday, December 21, 2009

God took the form of man to save us - Precious Metals Correction Continues


It is particularly important that Santa Claus and other material distractions do not hide the true reason for this season. This is Christmas! It is time that we celebrate and give eternal thanksgiving to the Sovereign Father God for the sacrifice of His Son on our behalf. We give thanks to the only begotten Son of God for His unselfish act of giving up His glorious life with the Father and Holy Spirit to become a man and experience all of our temptations and trials without committing a single sin and living in perfect obedience to His Father that He might be a perfect sacrifice for our sins. Thus, satisfying the perfect justice of the Father that we could be reconciled to Him by putting on the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Without this, we would have no hope, because God has said that the soul that sin shall die. Even the smallest sin is worthy of death. Thus, we need a Savior and the only one is THE way, THE truth, and THE life even Jesus Christ. There is no other way to God the Father except through the Son.

Celebrate this year with a renewed commitment to live a life of absolute obedience to the Law-Word of God. This is only possible with the power of the Holy Spirit and a prayerful, diligent study of the word of God written in the bible. Then through Jesus Christ we are seen as righteous. Praise Him continually and join in corporate worship with other believers every Lord's Day.

The boyz seem to be taking advantage of the light trading. Both of our metals are on down ticks.



Gold stocks on the rocks

Prices pushed back six months as hype around gold bullion wimps out.

Author: Barry Sergeant
Posted: Friday , 18 Dec 2009


Investors across the world seem to be looking for excuses to exit listed gold stocks, as seen in Thursday's 10% declines in prices for global Tier II names Agnico-Eagle and Iamgold, upon the former's warning that its costs could rise next year; rise further than previously indicated, that is. But overall, the atmosphere around listed gold stocks is gloomy; seen as a global grouping, the average gold stock has now been marked down to prices available in May this year. Read the article HERE.

Yes, this is turning out to be a gloomy time for mining stocks. If you have been in mining stocks for any period of time, you have been here and done this before. I am always facing a decision as to whether to sell or hang on and weather the storm. The long term primary bull market in the precious metals remains intact. Thus, one could sell, wait out the correction and then buy in again. However, I have been there and done that, too. But too often the prices have accelerated so rapidly that I felt locked out on getting back in and have missed the big increase. Therefore, though I may sell a portion of my holdings, but not the entire amount. Also, it is important to remember that this is the Christmas season, even though our government forbids the recognition, thereof, and many of the traders and investors take vacations. Therefore, the trading is very light during this period which tends to give a false picture of where the markets are headed. I'm hanging on for the time being.

From Personal Liberty Digest:

The Senate’s Christmas Gift

December 21, 2009

Senate Democrats are working overtime to get an Obamacare bill passed before Christmas. They no longer even pretend to be doing it to reform healthcare. Now they’re just doing whatever it takes to get a bill passed, even if it costs somewhere between $848 billion and $2.1 trillion, depending on which math you use. . . .Of course, money is what it’s all about. Not saving it mind you, but stealing yours. Read it HERE. Read and re-read that last line. This is what it was about all along. The Democrats are all over this and the Republicans are content with losing less and compromising to do just that. With a very few exceptions both parties are for big and bigger government and fleecing the citizens in every way. Don't follow party platforms, the members of neither party follow them. Look at their actions and vote them all the bums out. A vote for the lessor of the evils is still a vote for evil.

By the way, I recommend that you check out the My America web site HERE. They have a plan for taking back America from the bums in control at present.

I like the action of our two performing silver miners. Check out these graphs.
Our miners from Scottrade:
The currencies from
FVITF is 2.01; BYDDF 8.41; KENS 0.031; DOW +101 to 10430; Gold 1105.30, and Silver 17.15. That makes the silver eagles or Canadian Maple Leaves about 19.26. Watch for opportunity to by more silver coins.

Best to each, Doug


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