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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Return to the God of Our Founders is THE SOLUTION FOR AMERICA. There will be not political solution.

There are number of interesting audio and video shows linked from within today's Blog. You should hear all of them as they provide some insight. 

We may be heading for rough times. There is a prelude of reaction in the European community as nation after nation tightens its belt and receives the ire of citizens. Remember, we are in a age where God has been forgotten and there has been substantial moral decay as a result. God may have even, as stated in Romans Chapter One, given us over to our own devises. The Old Testament Israel was destroyed never to be reinstated in 70 AD after decades and centuries of turning from God. Though the prophets were sent to warn them, they failed to heed. Then God's wrath was poured out as the new age of the church received the baton of Scripture to be the new light of the world. However, we, too, have failed and stand presently under God's judgment. Let us heed the warning a turn back to the God who providentially founded our nation upon Biblical principles.

Gold performed very strongly last week. It has a healthy graph and is looking as though it has farther to go on this upward move.

Silver looked fairly good, as well, but seems to be fading a bit. It is not nearly as strong a graph as gold.

From Ian McAvity:

Gold to 3000 in two years. Euro to survive. Here his comments on gold from HERE.


Hear Ted Butler and others discover silver and gold from HERE.


Medvedev Promotes Ruble as World Reserve Currency to Cut Dollar Dominance

Russia wants the ruble to be one of the world’s reserve currencies as President Dmitry Medvedev  renews his push to reduce the dollar’s dominance and make Moscow a global financial hub.
“Only three, five years ago it seemed like a fantasy” to create a new reserve currency, Medvedev said yesterday in a speech in St. Petersburg, Russia. “Now we are seriously discussing it.” Read it HERE.


The Birth of a Bomb

A History of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

In the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, the UN Security Council has imposed new sanctions. Is Iran truly building a nuclear bomb as Western countries claim? Or are countries playing up the dangers to bring Iran to its knees? SPIEGEL traces the history of Tehran's nuclear program -- with stops in Washington, Vienna and Isfahan.
Editor's note: The following article from this week's issue of SPIEGEL has been published online in two parts. You can read the complete story here. If you read the first part on Thursday, click here to proceed directly to Part II.
It is yet another of those secret meetings at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The deputy director general of the agency, who works on behalf of the United Nations to prevent nuclear bombs from getting into the wrong hands, has invited 35 diplomats to a meeting on the fifth floor of the UN building in Vienna. Some take pictures with their mobile phones of the ice floes on the Danube River drifting by below. Everyone is prepared for a routine meeting. But everything will be different this time. With the help of high-tech espionage, history is written on this February day in 2008. And perhaps it will later be said that it was the day Iran finally lost its innocence, and the day the Israelis were provided with arguments for a war. Read it HERE.


BP's Quest for Time

The Well from Hell... And What They're Not Saying

There is something primordial about BP's quest for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. It's an Icarus-like story of super-ambition; of reaching too far, delving too deep.

I don't know if you've stopped to contemplate what BP was trying to do...
The well itself started 5,000 feet below the surface. That's the depth of the Grand Canyon from the rim.
And then the company attempted to drill more than 30,000 feet below that — Mt. Everest would give 972 feet to spare.
Furthermore, the company sought oil in a dangerous area of the seabed.
It was unstable and many think BP sought it out because seismic data showed huge pools of methane gas — the very gas that blew the top off Deepwater Horizon and killed 11 people. Read it HERE.


Bill O'Reilly & Jim Rogers Reveal the Greatest Threat To American Wealth of Modern Times
See and hear it HERE.

The general market performed well last week as the following two graphs illustrate rather strongly.

The precious metals, as well as, the general market acted quite strongly. This should be an interesting week in the markets. Next week we will see the expiry for many of the futures options which should produce some challenging results.

Best to each, Doug





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