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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Up Date on SPX and FVITF


I consider these week end posts very important. This morning, I wanted to give an assessment of the S&P 500 and present my buying target for FVITF. 

First, take a look at the SPX. It looks to be headed much lower. Particularly important is the fact that heavier than normal volume is on down days for the most part. This is ominous! The summer doldrums are in full force here. There are few support areas below the current price. Thus, any further drops could be substantial.

Now take a look at Fortuna. FVITF has been in a narrow trading range for some time. It shows strength as it drifts down to about 1.75. Therefore, I am interested in adding to this core holding in my accounts around 1.75. When it drops to that range, it almost immediately is picked up by buyers and moves back upward again. That is strong action to me. There is always the risk that it will go lower, so I will buy in small bites of 200-500 shares to conserve cash for the all in buying time which may come before this Fall. That is my strategy on this share and more of the miners. However, it might not be correct for you. Study and make your own decisions.

I must get ready for corporate worship service in obedience to King Jesus, so I will close for now. Please, know that corporate worship is important in the lives of Christians. It is important to share with other believers in the blessings of the word of God and the two sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ through His disciples during His earthly ministry. We should heed His example and study His word to know and to implement His world and life view in obedience to the Father. We must be not only hearers and readers of His word, but doers, as well to fulfill our part of the Covenant of God. 

Best to each, Doug


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