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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gold - Silver - FVITF - GDX - GDXJ

Gold and Silver are showing some life. Silver is running ahead of gold now, as I expected. Of course, both or either could be capped at any time by the 4 or less bullion banks which are holding an obscene number of shorts on the metals. Here are the graphs of each as of this writing:

Our "EverReady" just keeps going. Here it is as of this writing in an annotated graph, showing very strong technical patterns:

Folks, I regret having sold some last week, but that is the way it sometimes goes. We make decisions and then have regrets. I have to learn that pocketing profit is always a good decision. Maybe many of you do not have the same problem.

Below, find the large and small cap miner graphs from The smaller miners are out performing the larger ones for the time being. Both are showing some mixed signals, but seem to be holding fairly well. September is usually a good month for the miners, so we are looking for big things from them this year. We could be disappointed, but they are holding. 

 Once again, we are facing an interesting time in the market place. One cannot always anticipate what is happening from the technical reading of graphs, because of the substantial intervention which is both indirect through manipulation of paper currencies and by direct purchases and selling in the markets by the bankers. Remember that the paper currencies give the private central banks, such as, the Federal Reserve great power over governments at the expense of the citizens. Our forefathers warned consistently against such currencies and banks. 

God's word warns about the sin of false witnesses and of unequal weights. The paper currencies are a fraud and you should know this. They were designed to empower and protect private banks, not the people.  Maybe we should vote the incumbents out this November, but beware that you replace with statesmen, if you can find them. This is important, else you are likely to replace with worse than before. We need men who know the bible and live for King Jesus.  Others will fail.

Best to each, Doug


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