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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interposition - Nullification - FVITF - DROOY - BULM - SILA

As we approach the election, it is time to consider the Constitutional limitations upon the Federal Government. I will vote for neither a Democrat or a Republican, because they belong to either party. I will be looking for the candidates who will acknowledge that God is sovereign and that they want to return to a much smaller Constitutional government.

I will be looking, not so much for a change at the Federal level, but toward the state level which is far more important. When one goes back to the founders of the nation, we find two important concepts: Interposition and Nullification.

Interposition: This is the concept under which the state interpositions itself between the Federal Government and the citizens of the state. The states were empowered to protect the citizens from the Federal Government.  After all, these were sovereign states which joined together for betterment of the people.

Nullification: This concept gave power to the states to rule any action of the Federal Government unconstitutional and therefore not applicable within any state that ruled accordingly. In fact, if 26 states agreed that the law was unconstitutional, it fell null and void. There was also jury nullification of unconstitutional or laws is not being ignored, but that is an item for other discussion.

We must look toward these two powers of the states to turn our nation around. The 10th Amendment reserved powers not specifically delegated to the Federal Government were reserved for the states and the people. Today, the Federal Government will never limit itself on its own. Those in the White House, Congress, and the Courts are too enthralled with power and dollars of pay and benefits. They have sought their own benefits and neglected their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

In fact, elected Democrats and Republicans, alike, trample upon the Constitution equally. Both want larger government, more spending (maybe slightly different in direction of spending), greater intervention into all markets, and further control of citizens. They over regulate and over tax  businesses to the extent that many have been run out of the country. They have proven to be totally out of touch with the citizens and fail to recognize the 10th Amendment. 

The Tea Parties are evidence of frustration of many citizens. However, even this may cause many to vote to replace the incumbants without regard to the replacement. Thus, it is very likely to simply give the other party more power to continue the same programs. The people are frustrated with the Federal Government and feel they are being governed by a foreign government. Let's pray that this is solved by peaceful means, not like it was in 1776.

Remember a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Let us elect Christian, Constitutional statesmen at local levels and up to state governments. Then let us pray and work to have them interposition the states to protect citizens from the Federal Government. Further, that they will exercise the Constitutional authority of nullification.

This must be our goal without which, there will be no change of the Federal Government which is rapidly moving us toward bankruptcy and financial collapse. The Federal Government will never limit itself, but will continue down the same path. It must be limited by the states.

There is some knowledge of this and a few states have passed resolutions, but much more state action is required. Please, pray to this end.
Quickly, now, to the markets. I reported via email of some of my buying. The following graphs show the stocks which I have been buying:

Miners from

Some Prices: FVITF 13.1789; SILA 0.90; BULM 1.07; DOW up 114.6+ to 11091.96; SPX up 10.25 to 1176+; Gold up 7.30 to 1341.90; Silver up 0.44 to 23.81.

Best to each, Doug


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