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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gold and Silver Correcting - Potential Buying Opportunities

We must learn that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." After all it is He who created the universe and each of us. It is He who wiped out the nation of Israel in 70 AD and it was He who brought dead to virtually all of the humans and animals in the flood of Noah's time. Thus, it is He who must be feared, but just as in the case of the flood, He grace has shown through toward Noah, his family, and the animals who were saved on the ark. 

Should gold miners be returning to hedging?
Gold mining companies' profits are currently strong as the gold price hits new records. Should they now thus be returning to hedging to lock in profits? I think not! HERE.

A flashy first nine months for gold miners
When it comes to the world's biggest gold miners it looks like it is a case of value catching up with price.
I would have used shiny rather than flashy. It has been a good nine months and this is likely to continue as we get through the current correction. HERE.

Dollars, Diwali and gold
With gold demand picking up in India, the world's largest gold consumer, this year's Diwali holiday could mean a good boost for gold there going forward. In spite of the current correction, the demand for gold has been picking up recently until China announced an increase in the Renimbi to slow inflation. HERE.

Folks, I have been trying to buy Fortuna (FVITF) at 3.88-3.89 last week, but was only able to get a few shares at 3.88. The price dips, but almost immediately climbs back into the 3.95-4.05 or so range. For my portfolios, I want more, but will not pay the higher prices at this time. Here is a graph of Fortuna:
Have just placed orders to buy at 3.78.

Miners from

Currencies from Note that the Australian and Canadian Dollars are virtually at par with the U. S. and that the Swiss Franc is above par.

Some Prices: FVITF 3.80; BULM 1.01; SILA 0.69; TWDIF 0.33; TBT 37.17; DOW up 32 to 11225.+; SPX up 2.83 to 1201+; Gold up 1.60 to 1370.40; Silver down0.01 to 26.03.

Best to each, Doug



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