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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Protests Across the World - Gold - Silver - Miners - Currencies


It is wise to speak with a straight tongue. The Bible warns against the lying lips and the false witness over and over again. Thus, we are wise not to "deviate from the paths of rectitude." 

Those in government do not heed the limits of the Constitution or the Law-Word of God. So what should we expect from the general population, but a "follow the leaders" attitude. Those who are to set the example for the population are consistently deceiving us. 

On area of concern for me is the economic reports generated and manipulated by the Federal Government. In particular, the reports on inflation being under control. Inflation, as reported, seems to be under control. However, we who shop know that food prices, energy prices, education prices, medicine, and other health costs are rising week by week. These prices are not included in the consumer price index; therefore, price inflation is not accurately reported.

Let us pray that we, as a nation so wonderfully blessed by the providence of God, will once again turn back to Him in repentance before it it too late. When we say, "God bless America," please recall that God wrath is being poured out upon America is His way of calling us to repentance and renewal. Without that repentance and renewal, we should not expect blessings.

In spite of all of this, we of the His people, know that nothing can separate us from the love of God and His perfect provision for us. Praise Him daily.

Federal Courts speak on ObamaCare from Town Hall:
Thomas Sowell
The "Judicial Activism" Ploy
Now that two different federal courts have declared ObamaCare unconstitutional, the administration's answer is to call the courts guilty of "judicial activism."
Barack Obama has a rhetorical solution for every problem. Remember the repeated claims of "shovel-ready" projects that needed only federal stimulus money to get started? Last year the President quietly admitted that there were not many "shovel-ready" projects, after all. These are federal courts, now let's here from the state legislatures and we will really have the ball rolling. Read it HERE.

Town Hall: 
What the Feds Can Learn From Egyptian Internet Control
Chuck Norris:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google services all have been disrupted by Egyptian governing authorities in pursuit of clamping down on protests. And we don't think the U.S. government would do the same?
Tell me, what's the difference between the Egyptian government's shutting down social networks to "bring order" to protests and the U.S. government's shutting down the Internet if there is an "imminent cyber threat"? Answer: nothing.
Over the past two years, the Obama administration has ramped up regulation and control of the Internet. Of course, it's packaging any bids to do so under Internet and homeland security. HERE.
From The Telegraph:
Bank of England attempting inflation 'confidence trick', says former MPC member Kate Barker
Ms Barker, who served nine years on the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), said rising prices may have already damaged the Bank's credibility and threaten a "more profound" loss of faith among the public.
A loss of credibility is dangerous as people begin to assume inflation will remain over target and so put up wages and prices accordingly, resulting in a self-perpetuating spiral of rising prices. Sounds very similar to Bernanke's ploy. Most central banks are playing the same game. HERE.

From France24:
Protesters flood the streets of Belgrade calling for early elections

Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets of Belgrade Saturday calling for political reform and threatening further demonstrations if early elections are not held ahead of a scheduled May 2012 parliamentary vote. Protests spread. When will they be here? Read the article HERE.

Commodities On Line:
China Silver imports hit record 3500 tons in 2010
BEIJING (Commodity Online): Silver is getting hot in China as imports of the white precious metal is soaring thanks to increasing demand for the commodity for industrial use and jewellery purposes.

For the first time, China's net imports of silver hit a record high as it quadrupled in 2010 to 3,500 tonnes (112 Million ozs). Precious metals analysts view this as a shift in the Chinese demand for silver as traditionally China used to be a silver exporter. HERE.

From Zero Hedge:
Eric Sprott On A "Gold Tsunami"
Ignoring real estate, most people invest their hard earned money in paper things. Stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance - it’s all paper, and it sits nicely in our bank accounts and shows up on our computer screens. Halfway across the world, investors in China and India have never trusted paper investments as a store of value - and they’re converting their hard earned paper money into gold and silver bullion. Not that this is anything new. It isn’t. But the scale and speed with which they are accumulating precious metals IS new, and it’s driving the fundamentals that we believe will lead to higher prices in 2011. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF 4.526; BULM 0.951; OLVRF 1.4949; HHWW 0.94; DOW up 24.90 to 12185.66; SPX up 2.43 to 1321.48; Gold up 12.60 to 1364.70; Silver up 0.56 to 30.00.

Best to each, Doug


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