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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look Back at BYDDF - Unrest spreads in US & World - Look at Gold over 10 Years - Gold & Silver Up

The world unrest continues and spreads, even here in the U.S. It is mostly peaceful here, but spreading. Each of us should stay aware of this and beware should it approach your city. There could be violence as the spread continues. 

When the Bible tells us "If you work not, you should not eat." That, of course addresses able bodies men who shun work and choose to be at the welfare trough. There are times, as present, when there are few jobs worth having. However, after three plus generations living on welfare, the moral fiber that existed in the 1930s no longer is here. Too many folks have been taught in government schools that the world owes them a living. What will these do when there are no jobs?

God's judgment upon nations affects all members whether of the household of God or not. To be forewarned by the watchmen which Christians are told to be in the Bible, the citizens are responsible. However, if the watchmen of God do not shout out the warning of approaching enemy or potential disaster, the watchmen will answer to God for neglecting their duty. The same goes for those who do not share the gospel with unbelievers. We are watchmen before God to warn others of a terrible consequence of neglecting Jesus Christ who is the only way to salvation from a lasting death of Hell's fire. 

Praise and diligently serve the Lord Jesus Christ daily for it is He who paved the way for us and sustains us on a daily basis.

From KitCo News:

Market Nugget: Barclays: China's Influence In Physical Gold Market Is Increasing
22 February 2011, 09:33 a.m.
Rising Chinese demand should remain a insignificant influence for gold, say analysts with Barclays Capital. While political turmoil in the Middle East is the market’s immediate focus, Barclays also notes that flows from Hong Kong to mainland China more than doubled in 2010 to 118.904 metric tons, according to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department. Additionally, Barclays cites a Reuters report in which a Chinese senior industrial official says the country’s gold imports in the first 10 months of 2010 increased nearly six-fold to 209.72 tons. Also, reports suggest China is considering increasing gold reserves and the World Gold Council has launched the first gold gift investment product in the country. “China is set to increase its influence over the physical gold market in years to come,” Barclays China continues her march for international  recognition as a major player in all markets. There are other nuggets on the web site HERE.

Oil, Bonds Climb as Stocks Drop on Libya Turmoil; Kiwi Weakens After Quake
Oil surged to a two-year high, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index sank the most since August, as escalating violence in Libya spurred concern that Middle East instability will hurt the world economy. Treasuries and the Swiss franc rose. New Zealand’s dollar slid after an earthquake. This is more on the unrest that is spreading throughout the mid-east and spilling over into other areas, as well. There should be some concern over the oil supply, thus, the price of oil is increasing.  HERE.

Greek police clash with anti-austerity protestersGreek police clashed with protesters on Wednesday as around 100,000 workers, pensioners and students marched to parliament in protest at austerity policies aimed at helping Greece cope with a huge debt crisis.
Riot police fired scores of rounds of teargas and flash bombs at protesters hurling petrol bombs, choking the main Syndagma square with smoke and sending crowds of striking protesters running for cover. When will it end? Not soon, I believe. HERE.

The Washington Post:
Federal, state and local debt hits post-WWII levels
The daunting tower of national, state and local debt in the United States will reach a level this year unmatched just after World War II and already exceeds the size of the entire economy, according to government estimates. Read it HERE, and check out the video.

Ohio public employees protest proposed union curbs Thousands of people picketed the state Capitol on Tuesday to protest a bill to cut collective bargaining rights for state workers.
In a local repeat of an issue that has roiled Wisconsin over the last two weeks, state Republican leaders say the bill is necessary to address the state's budget problems, while union leaders say it is designed to hurt unions. Spreading here in America, too. HERE.

Yahoo News: 
Anti-government protests in Libya
View the slide show HERE.

Mine Web:
Silver, platinum to outperform gold in 2011
While gold prices are still likely to rise, Tiberius Asset Management believes gold is likely to under perform the rest of the precious metals complex this year. View & hear the Podcast HERE.

Both the precious metals have proven to be stores of value in face of a depreciating dollar. Here are some KitCo graphs for your consideration.
I want us to look at BYD Company which manufactures longer lasting batteries and is a major Chinese car manufacturer. It has begun selling cars in America. However, Richard Russell reported that the cars were noisy, but got very good gas mileage. An old saying on Wall Street was always to buy when there is blood in the street and others are shying away in mass. I wonder it this is one of those cases or is this just a dying company. It is apparently well managed, but have they gone astray??? I do not know, but wanted to update you on one of our favorites from the past. As always, BUYER BEWARE. YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Here is the ugly graph from
Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF 5.008; BULM 1.01; OLVRF 1.7597; SENY 1.20 (I bought some of this SPECULATION at 1.21 yesterday - It is an out & out SPECULATION > BUYER BEWARE); BYDDF 3.88; DOW down 45+ to 12167.84; SPX down 4+ to 1311+; Gold up 12.50 to 1411.50; Silver up 0.69 to 33.65.

Best to each, Doug


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