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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Government Schools Fail - Gold - Silver - HMY - FVITF - DROOY - Currencies


I wonder how many of you have really examined what your children are exposed to in the government schools. You may have complained when the government removed prayers from the schools. You may have even complained when the Federalies removed Christ from Christmas, You also complained when humanism and other religions were given preferential treatment and all elements of Christianity were forbidden in government schools. You may have even complained when the feminist took over many of the lessons to preach that men are women are equally qualified for all types of work, even the military in denial of the family as ordained and directed by God. You may have complained when the 10 Commandments of God were removed from the schools and court houses.You complained and objected to these things, because you profess a love of King Jesus and have some understanding of biblical principles.

Have you checked multiculturalism and various life styles are presented as OK in the government schools? Do you know the impact upon children of elementary and middle school age? How many of these children are leaving the churches these days? Do you wonder why? You should!

The, above, listed concerns or lack thereof have effectively removed God and His presence from the government schools and textbooks. The bible says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Since the bible is the written word of the Sovereign God who created all, it is absolutely true. The government schools are designed to brain wash young folks into believing in the new god of the U.S. the state. They teach the young to depend upon the state for everything. It is presented as a messiah which promising cradle to the grave care for everyone.

Though you certainly do not recognize the state in place of the Messiah, do you continue to send your children to these government schools? Why, do you send them to learn and accept these concepts which your faith abhors? Study the bible share it with your children and grandchildren and get them out of the temples of Satan which the government schools have become.

Mine Web:
Current SEC proposal on conflict minerals will put gold market at risk - WGC
In its current form, legislation before the SEC to eradicate the use of gold to fund armed groups in the DRC will create a set of perverse and risky unintended. If legislation designed to stop the trafficking of "conflict gold" among other metals from the Democratic Republic of Congo is implemented in its current form, it is going to be "Pretty problematic" for the gold industry at large, says World Gold Council CEO, Aram Shishmanian. WOW! More control over opportunities for citizens. Remember, good governments have the aim of protecting, not limiting, freedom; property without stealing it from them, and life of citizens without controlling it. HERE.

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Gold back from record highs, but for how long?
No sooner has gold leapt to new highs yesterday than talk of a Libyan peace plan brought it back. Where gold goes from here short term may now depend on whether Arab world unrest fades or not.
Profit taking brought gold down a peg or two early morning in Europe today, but yesterday, at one time, the yellow metal hit a new record spot price of just over $1440 an ounce and, then, seemed poised to move on to the $1450s.  However, strong gold price surges are almost inevitably followed by a contrary reaction and the latest one has not been an exception in this respect. How long? That is the always the question and we do not have knowledge of the timing of the future. That is in the hands of King Jesus who controls all. Read the article HERE.

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Gold falls as Libya brokers peace plan
The yellow metal dropped half a percent after Venezuela helped broker a potential peace plan for Libya and investors wait for news on ECB monetary policy. HERE.

Fed Treasury Purchases `Monetizing Debt,' May Spur Inflation, Hoenig Says
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas Hoenig said the central bank is “monetizing debt” with its purchases of U.S. Treasuries, a program that he says may spur inflation.
“Yes, we are monetizing debt,” Hoenig said today in a speech in New York. “You buy bonds and you monetize debt. Right now, a lot of that is going into excess reserves so it is not having an immediate effect on inflation. It will initiate inflationary impulses. It takes time.”  I wonder if this is why the Treasury auctions seem to run smoothly. While China and the world are slowing on their purchases, the Federal Reserve steps up to fill the gap. HERE.

Zero Hedge:
China "Attacks The Dollar" - Moves To Further Cement Renminbi Reserve Currency Status
The statement, google translated as "Pragmatic and pioneering spirit to promote cross-border renminbi business cum on monitoring and analysis to a new level" This confirms the recent agreements with a several countries in Asia, Brazil, Russia, and some in Africa which were previously discussed. This must be the way that China is heading. HERE.

King World News:
The Dollar Collapse Will Shock the World: James Turk
“What I’m watching here very carefully is how the dollar is reacting to events in the Middle-East and higher commodity prices.  Brent crude is presently $115 and that is signaling higher inflation.  It’s a signal that everybody around the world is watching.  So watch the dollar index closely.  It broke below 77 and the chart is starting to look heavy.  

Eric you have been saying all along that the dollar isn’t bouncing and it now appears the dollar is ready to fall off of the edge of a cliff.  The dollar collapse is going to be the next big story.  If I am right and the dollar really starts to dive, the implications are global in nature and I truly believe this event will shock the world. This is important! I believe this is not an if, but a when. HERE.

Gold dips after Libya peace plan, record in sight
Gold eased on Thursday after the Arab League said a Venezuelan proposal to end the Libyan conflict was under consideration, but entrenched uncertainty over the future of the region kept prices within sight of record highs.
Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa told Reuters on Thursday that the a plan to bring peace to proposed by Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez was "under consideration. Good that there may be some movement to settle the unrest. We should all look for ways to discourage rebellion. However, many folks in this world are under totalitarian rulers, we are headed the same way here. HERE.

Below are two South African core holdings of mine which are of great concern and I am considering selling them as they seem to be headed downward for the time being. Technically, the moves could be significant. Please, consider your own decision and make your own choices based upon your financial considerations.

Here is an update on my EverReady Bunnie. I am not selling this now. I sold a bit pre-maturely, but now I am holding all the rest. Notice that I indicated in blue that the high volume on a down day would usually be considered negative. However, though the day ended down, during the day the price moved to new  highs and ran into some profit taking. Thus, it is not as bad as one would think. 

 I wanted to visit this old friend through whom we made some nice profit in the past and I have now as reported added some shares back into the portfolios. Remember BYD is the leading auto sales manufacturer in China and is now marketing here in the US.  I believe we will see big things from BYD in the near future.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from Kit Co:

Some Prices: FVITF  5.52; OLVRF 1.8278; SENY 1.03; BYDDF 4.69; HHWW 1.20; DOW up 163.13 to 12229.93; SPX up 17.42 to 1325.86; Gold off 15.10 to 1420.60; Silver off 0.25 to 34.43. Note that the miners are still uncoupled with the general market and have been for almost all of this week. That is encouraging and shows that the precious metals are beginning to function a bit more as the money which they are. Now, if they would just uncouple with commodities. The news on gold and silver is becoming more prominent, too. I am pleased that gold remains above 1400 and silver is hanging on above 34.

Best to each, Doug


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