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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Tragedy, Nukes OK - Silver Exploding - Gold Hanging - Libya Intervention

Japan: The good news, though not widely reported was the fact that all nuclear plants were able to go into a form of shut down to prevent nuclear contamination. The one plant which was damaged received damage to the water cooling system. Thus, there was a danger from overheating, but that seems to have been solved. It was reported that at least one, if not more of the plants use salty sea water to cool the plant for complete safety. Sea water works, but can damage the cooling system over time. This is great news. The vast amount of damage to homes and all infrastructure is very great and is likely to run in trillions of Yen to restore. The loss of life must have been very great, too. However, the containment of the nuclear threat was wonderful.

We are again stirring the bucket of discontent over in mid-east - Libya. How long O' Lord will be allowed to continue our intervention. We make many more enemies than friend through these escapades. The expense in dollars and, particularly, lives is way too great. We should not continue the role of policemen of the world. Washington, at first, and others through our life as a nation warned us not to be involved directly in the international governments. We were to mind our own business. That is a godly way for nations to act  

Gaddafi shells rebel towns, U.S. plane down
Muammar Gaddafi's forces attacked two west Libyan towns, killing dozens while rebels were pinned down in the east and NATO tried to resolve a heated row over who should lead the Western air campaign. Read and see video HERE.

France: NATO will support Libya action after U.S.
When the Americans decide to take a bit of a step back, NATO could come in to support, that seems fairly clear," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Christine Fages.
A heated meeting of NATO ambassadors on Monday failed to agree on whether the 28-nation alliance should run the operation to enforce a U.N.-mandated no-fly zone.
Fages reiterated France's concern that Arab members of the coalition were opposed to NATO taking sole command of the operation. HERE.

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Indian Post Office selling gold coins like hotcakes 
From the humble post office to the bank, Indian consumers are lining up to buy gold. While coins are a current favourite to give-away during festivities, investors fearing the worst are hoarding gold bars. They understand gold better than we. HERE.

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Ron Paul sets congressional hearing on U.S. Mint gold, silver, pgm bullion programs
U.S. gold standard advocate Ron Paul is at the helm of a upcoming congressional subcommittee hearing that will examine one of his favorite topics. He is still trying as he has been for decades. Most falls on deaf ears even among the citizens who are accustomed to be at the government trough as their messiah. HERE.

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Paper money - a note of caution
While it is important to keep some cash, a stash of old bank notes reminds David Levenstein of the cons of storing wealth in paper and why gold or silver would have been better. This has some good info for all of us. HERE.

The precious metals are holding well with silver headed toward new highs, because of the demand. Maybe most of the shorts have been filled, but I doubt it. Some day, we will experience the third phase which is an experience which comes only once in a life time. 

 Gold seems to have joined the "Left Behind" folks today. Silver is kicking dust in gold's face as it sprints ahead.

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Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF 5.51 (See graph, below); OLVRF 1.8365; BULM 1.55; HHWW 0.80; SENY 0.92; DOW off almost 16 to 12020.78; SPX off 3.05 to 1298.28; Gold up 0.30 to 1427.40; Silver up 0.33 to 36.43. Silver is very shinny today.

Best to each, Doug


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