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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DOW dancing back - Gold Hits New High - Look at the currencies - Silver Booming


This is a bright sunny day in all markets. If I were a trader,  I would like to sell into such a market, however, though I am from time to time, I believe this is not the time for me. All of my portfolios are hitting new highs and I am standing ready with more cash to jump in at any time. Still, for me, it seems to be a good time to "Be still and know that I (King Jesus) is God." Thus, I am resting in Him. 

This is a day of excitement in virtually all markets except the dollar which is losing ground against the the Euro, Swiss Franc, and more. All the purposeful mis-calculations of the government reports on the economy, unemployment, etc. are being recognized by more people that ever before. Maybe the people will wake up and throw the bums out of their cherished elected positions of power and profit. Hopefully, we the people will legally call for the government to get back to the business of protecting the life, liberty, and property of the citizens rather than trampling on the Constitution and running our lives.  

We want only King Jesus as our king and must demand that the civil magistrates perform the tasks in accordance with our King's laws. This will give us a legitimate and limited government similar to that prescribed by the Constitution. We must work and pray to that end. 

It is important to listen to the following commentary.

McAlvany Weekly Commentary:
Today's commentary is insightful as the two commentators discuss the government statistics and the state of the economy. Also, follows is a discussion of the awakening of the middle class. Then there is a discussion with presidential candidate Cain. This is worth a listen as you work on your computer. You can log in for the verbal discussions and then minimize it and continue your work. HERE

Gold and silver last assets standing: new economic theory
Ken Gerbino comes up with a new economic theory that excess money supply begets ultimate illiquidity and market crashes and gold and silver become the ultimate financial assets. This is new? It has been the case for centuries. Gold and silver have been the last men standing as many empires built on debt and FIAT currencies have fallen in the past. HERE.

 Indian investors jump into gold ETFs
Soaring gold prices in the physical market have helped grow investor interest in gold ETFs ensuring India's gold collection under ETFs rose 94% to 9,754 tonnes in March 2011. I am interested in adding more Canadian Trust (CEF) to my portfolios and plan to follow the Indian investors on the next "correction" or drop in prices of the metals. HERE.

Eurozone hits the fan: Gold price surging; Silver begins to make a move
The Eurozone crisis goes from bad to worse and QE3 looks to be on the horizon in the U.S. again. Gold and silver have moved up sharply and this path could well continue as bad news proliferates. The American situation is worse, too, but hidden behind all of the bad news from Europe. Perhaps, this is on purpose. However, the precious metals are surging against the Euro as knowledgeable folks there pour Euros into gold. HERE

Gold taking centre stage as Eurozone debt crisis escalates
As Eurozone finance ministers and central bankers are seeing themselves as having to fight a rearguard action to try and prevent Europe-wide financial collapse gold is beginning to make a move. Do you think they know something we don't? HERE.

Gold prices to soar as debt contagion spreads through the Eurozone
For the second consecutive day, gold priced in euros hit a new record as investors, concerned that Europe's debt woes are spreading, moved back to safe havens. Last man standing. HERE.

KitCo News:
Gold hits new highs, Can it continue? HERE.

Comex Gold Extends Record Gains on Ideas of More U.S. Fed Easing
Read it HERE.

Red Alert: Multiple Explosions in Mumbai


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