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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Short Term Crash in China - The Way, the Truth, and the Life - Gold & Silver UP - Miners Mixed - General Market Down - Who shot the Dollar?

Through out the bible, which is ignored in the secular world and even in most Christian churches. We have too many Christians who live in a New Testament world and reject the Old Testament. The reformers did not do this as they gave equal importance to all of God's Word. They knew that they were responsible to teach and to apply the entire testimony of God to all men. The Bible, though treated as a smorgasbord  by too many Christians was literally breathed through men by the Holy Spirit. 

The bible speaks to every area of life and prepares men for all of life's challenges and successes. Without this written word revealed to man by the Holy Spirit, he uses his own finite mind in vain attempts to solve all problems he faces. He willingly attempt to apply the perceived wisdom of sinful man over that of the perfect God. The Bible is the one and only sufficient workbook for man to understand life and to know truth. In fact, it is all sufficient. It is the one true source of all truth for application to the life of man here and points toward the hereafter.

We must follow the Word of God written to find the Word of God incarnate in King Jesus, alone.  He, alone, as He claimed is the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Him. He provides the Holy Spirit to His people to give them the saving faith and trust in Him for all of life. Praise Him daily.

Taipan Publishing Group:
Jim Rogers Gives Cold Comfort to China Bulls
Jim Rogers, the ultimate China bull, admits the odds of a crash in the short term.
Jim Rogers is the most famous China-and-commodities bull on the planet. He even wrote two books on the subject: Hot Commodities and A Bull in China.
Recently Jim did a new video interview with The Wall Street Journal. In that interview, he expounded on all his favorite themes -- including why he is bullish on China for the long term.
What he had to say, though, wouldn't exactly be considered comforting for fund managers still heavily invested in China.This is a look at China which is contrary to all the bullish rhetoric on China. A crash there in the short term is a real possibility, because there is a lot of mis-allocation of investment which must be worked out, and China is after all a controlled economy. I remain a long term bull on China, because I see her having a growing middle class of consumers HERE.

Town Hall: 
Our Moral Dilemma
Walter E. Williams 

Most of our nation's problems are a direct result of our being immune, hostile or indifferent to several moral questions. Let's start out with the simple and move to the more complex. Or, stated another way, let's begin with questions that generate the least hostility, moving to those that generate the greatest.
If a person benefits from a hamburger, a suit of clothing, an apartment or an education, who should be forced to pay for it? I believe the question has only one moral answer, namely the person who benefits from a good or service should be forced to pay for it, that's if we wish to distinguish ourselves from thieves who only care about enjoying something and who pays is irrelevant. Walter is right on again. He is strong on the Constitution and sound Economics. This is a good read. HERE.

Personal Liberty:
Who Shot The Dollar?
Who killed the U.S. dollar? This question will be debated by future historians. Already, more people are asking that question than tuned in to find out who shot J.R. on Dallas. The lineup of suspects is long, but it ends with Barack Obama, the trigger man who killed the buck.
The first wound came from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who expanded the Federal government’s influence far beyond what the writers of the Constitution ever imagined. This is a great study in the murder of the US Dollar which seems to be coming to fruition at present. I would rather he take it back to at least 1913 and the establishment of the Federal Reserve and then the Income Tax shortly thereafter. Also, though implied he does see the business of the US Government (USG) being that of war, preparation for war, and export of inflation. This is a must read for all young and old. HERE.

Mine Web:
Eurozone central banks now buying gold, not selling - confirmed
European central banks are no longer selling gold. They are buying it...So it's not just Asian, Middle Eastern and the Russian Central Bank bolstering their gold. They know something that Americans are yet to learn. HERE.

Mine Web:
A stronger dollar weighs on gold in early trade
Gold slipped in early trade on Wednesday as a stronger dollar prompted a bout of selling but, losses were capped by continued sovereign debt concerns. It is interesting that people prefer paper financial assets to physical assets primarily because of familiarity and convenience. However, many ignore the stability of physical rather than instability of the paper. Think about it! HERE.

Mine Web:
Despite growing silver holdings, Rob McEwen still loves gold
While currently involved in plans to merge two juniors into a silver major, Rob McEwen anticipates gold will continue its run and will definitely hit the $5,000 mark, silver he says, will reach $200 an ounce. These would be more reasonable level of pricing for the metals without the War on Precious Metals. The depreciation of the paper currencies demands higher prices and they are likely to come. When? That is the BIG QUESTION. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: DOW off 31.77 to 12984.74; S&P off 10.28 to 1277.57; NASDAQ off 17.67 to 2661.03; Gold up 5.50 to 1529.60; Silver up 0.28 to 25.67.

Best to each, Doug


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