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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Metals temporarily Down - Potential Buying Opportunity - Dollar Temporarily Up

We are seeing the expected correction in the precious metals over night. Both are down for the time being. It could be a time for me to buy today or soon if this continues a bit. 

By the way, I do not plan to sell either metals or miners. The confusion in the markets, the underlying financial problems, the wars, etc. have not changed. These fundamental problems are becoming more evident to more folks, so they will once again, as last week, return to gold as a safe holding for wealth. I believe we have moved closer to the Gold Rush.

The Congress will approve some form increased debt level, and very likely on time before a "forced" renege on debt. Congress is too interested in spending to facilitate re-election. This is business as usual.

Smoke & Mirrors will make a multitude of tax increases and spending "cuts" stealth to the public. The rhetoric will announce great news, but that is always the way of politicians. We may have to speak out to politicians to encourage them to back off from empire building and centralization of governmental power, and to move back toward a free market with a small central government as envisioned by the Constitution.

This will take a dedicated population, and will require that the people of God individually, Godly families, Godly churches humble themselves, turn back to God and follow His ways, and then speak very loudly to those in power, as the prophets of old, "Thus, sayeth the Lord!"

Here are the gold and silver graphs from KitCo:

 Here are the miners from Scottrade:

Best to each, Doug


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