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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Searching for another Ronald Reagan - Genetically Modified Food - HMY - Miners - Gold - Silver -Correction Over?

Our Triune God rules all. King Jesus has been placed as sovereign ruler of all things, peoples, and time. This most people understand, but the unbelievers try to ignore or deceive themselves by attempting to hide from the light (John Chapter 1). All mankind is created in the image of God, and I believe the Scriptures show that every person searches to fill an empty space in his heart. God placed that there that man would seek for God, but the unbeliever does not know that the space can only be permanently and completely filled by God, Himself. The Book of Ecclesiastes discusses this in detail. It is like peeling an onion as man searches for different experiences and periods of life to fill his longing for God. When one peels an onion to the end, he finds nothing. In life the search ends with the belief that all is vanity without God's intervention to bring him to life at the foot of King Jesus.


Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell 
Superman vs. Warm Body 9/27/2011
One of the problems in trying to select a leader for any large organization or institution is the tendency to start out looking for Superman, passing up many good people who fail to meet that standard, and eventually ending up settling for a warm body.
Some Republicans seem to be longing for another Ronald Reagan. Good luck on that one, unless you are prepared to wait for several generations. Moreover, even Ronald Reagan himself did not always act like Ronald Reagan.
The current outbreak of "gotcha" attacks on Texas Governor Rick Perry show one of the other pitfalls for those who are trying to pick a national leader. The three big sound-bite issues used against him during the TV "debates" have involved Social Security, immigration and a vaccine against cervical cancer.HERE.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 
The US, the UN and Genetic Engineering 9/27/2011
Would you know if you were eating genetically engineered foods?
The Chicago Tribune recently reported that with no labeling on such foods, many people don't realize that they are doing just that. Genetically modified crops constitute 93 percent of soy, 86 percent of corn and 93 percent of canola seeds planted in the U.S. and are used in about 70 percent of American processed food.
The Tribune went on to say that polls from the Pew Center, Consumers Union and Harris Interactive over the past decade have shown that the overwhelming majority of Americans would like to see genetically modified foods better-regulated and -labeled. Despite that, President Barack Obama's administration has approved an "unprecedented number of genetically modified crops," such as corn grown for ethanol. My family and I are having a great problem in identifying the GMCs which are offered for our table. We have a concern that many are not healthy for consumption. Be forewarned, investigate and make your own decisions. HERE.


Long term gold stock investment - David Christensen
David Christensen, head of ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited-one of the world's oldest and largest closed-end precious metal funds-sees opportunities emerging, especially among the majors. Gold Report interview. HERE.

Gold rises 3% on physical buying and weaker dollar
Gold prices jumped more than 3% on Tuesday as a drop in the dollar index helped the precious metal snap a four-day run of losses, thus tempting price-sensitive physical buyers back to the market. The demand for gold and silver remains very high. This fact continues to bring the capping and hammering into question. Chuck of The Daily Pfennig reported that their trading desks were having a buying day as the prices dropped. It is not normal for paper prices to be falling so rapidly as buying of the physical metals is very strong. HERE.

Mints can't keep up with silver coin and bar demand
The president of precious metals dealer Dillon Gage points to record demand this year for silver coins and bars and still sees the possibility of $50 silver in 2011 and is optimistic for 2012. Why do prices then fall? I believe I have been reporting the real truth about that. HERE.

Why gold and silver crashed and how soon will they recover?
Gold and silver investment parameters have changed since the last big crash in 2008. This suggests that any recovery from a fall will be far quicker for both precious metals.
In what seemed like just moments, the global markets began to tumble and gain momentum, falling between 5% and 20% so far, and the falls keep coming. No fundamentals have changed, no breaking news shocked the market, but suddenly we are back to 2008, when highly leveraged investors with as little as 10% paid on their positions were wiped out and forced to sell to stop more losses. As computer-imposed, protective stop-loss instructions were triggered, falls accelerated, wiping out investors left, right, and center. That certainly presents a partial answer. However, I believe the big influence was the initial capping and hammering by the bullion banks. Just my opinion, but there it is. HERE.

Fractal analysis suggests latest drop is the calm before a gold tidal wave
Price and the technical Indicator readings for the precious metal Stock Indices continue to track the 1970’s with much higher prices expected in the intermediate-tern. Could be! As I mentioned in the email yesterday, I am doing some dumpster diving and picking up some small bites of morsels. HERE.

Harmony Gold reports fatal accident at Evander mine
Tuesday , 27 Sep 2011 Harmony Gold
Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (Harmony) regrets to advise that following an ore pass accident and subsequent rescue efforts, an employee and two members of an external rescue team were fatally injured yesterday at its Evander mine in Mpumalanga. Always bad news in these very deep mines. HERE.


BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The World"
This may not happen, but it is better to be prepared than to wait and see. There is much truth in this report, but some seems a bit too pessimistic. Read and hear this HERE.


Agnico Eagle CEO - The Price of Gold is Bottoming Here
With gold around the $1,600 level and silver trading near $30, today King World News interviewed Sean Boyd, CEO of $11 billion Agnico Eagle.  When asked what he sees happening with the global crisis, the price of gold and the mining sector, Boyd responded, “We sort of sit back here in the business of producing gold, looking out at the financial landscape and we continue to tell ourselves that nothing has really changed here.  The fundamental issues globally still have not been addressed and our theory all along has been that the only way out of this debt mess is to print our way out of it.” This is my belief, too. Thus, the dumpster diving. HERE.

Rick Rule - Why We’re Aggressively Buying Gold, Silver & Miners
With continued volatility in gold and silver, today King World News interviewed one of the most street smart pros in the resource sector, Rick Rule, Founder of Global Resource Investments, which is now part of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management.  When asked what he is doing with his own money and what to expect in gold and silver going forward, Rule responded, “The fact is that right now, where we are (his firm) in the market, my bigger accounts have very, very large cash positions and I am going to use this as an opportunity to diversify more of my cash into bullion or bullion related instruments.” HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:
Currencies from KitCo:
Some Prices: DOW up 267 to 11309.51; S&P up 27.36 to 1190.30; NASDAQ up 55.75 to 2572.35; Gold up 32.50 to 1660.50; Silver up 1.87 to 32.62. Both metals up strongly.

Best, Doug


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