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Friday, September 23, 2011

There is trouble, right here in River City; that, is all markets. Gold & Silver down big over night. King Jesus still rules.


It looks like another terrible day in all markets. Even the metals are down big time over night. Bernanke will get the helicopters up very soon. The twist in bonds went over like a led balloon. The later QE III is likely to have the same result. 

Investors seem to be wising up to the fraud of unbacked paper currencies. Eventually, they will turn to gold an silver big time, but for now even the metals are big losers. Gold has broken through support over night, as has silver. The general market looks to be headed much lower in spite of the almost 400 drop yesterday. This is a bad trip and where it stops no one knows. 

I hate to say it, but it is likely a good time to be playing the downside. After what happened this week, it would seem that the markets should rebound a bit. They are likely over sold at present, but that condition can extend much farther than we have resources to survive it.

This looks to be another disaster in all markets. I plan to watch it closely, and will put out emails as to any actions I take.

Here is a look at gold from yesterday. Gold is presently down 41.90 at 1694. 
 Miners at opening from Scottrade:
Prices: DOW off 28 to 10704.65; S&P off 2.13 to 1127.43; NASDAQ off 1.83 to 2454..52; Gold pff 42.50 to 16793.70, and Silver off 3.20 to 32.64.
Best to each, Doug



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