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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

City of man vs. the City of God - Metals dropping to possible buying range - Miners - Gold - Silver -Currencies - Swiss Franc

Sowell's two articles reminded me of Augustine's real two worlds: The City of God and the city of man. The former is a city of life and service to the Sovereign God. In this city King Jesus reigns supreme. He is an unchanging God who while on earth loved His Father in perfect obedience that He could die as the perfect Lamb of God and suffer death in our place that His people could forever be assured in Him and after temporal life return to live face to face with Him forever.

On the other hand, the city of man is a city of the walking dead who will forever suffer after this life in Hell with on relief and no contact with King Jesus. Many will live in this city of man which is forever changing, seldom for the better and that only temporary. It is a city characterized by the dog eat dog tempestuous life full of tension and trials. However, it is the wide path, easy path that Pilgrim in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress was always tempted to follow. It only leads to eternal death, pain, suffering in Hell.

As the Holy Spirit calls His people among the walking dead, they are brought to abundant life through the grace and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. I pray that all of you belong to and serve Him completely.

Thomas Sowell 
Two Different Worlds 9/6/2011
Part I
Ideological clashes over particular laws, policies and programs often go far deeper. Those with opposing views of what is desirable for the future also tend to differ equally sharply as to what the reality of the present is. In other words, they envision two very different worlds.
A small but revealing example was a recent New York Times criticism of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs for not contributing to charity as much as the New York Times writer thought he should. The media in general are full of praise for business people and their companies for giving away substantial amounts of their wealth. Indeed, that is one of the few things for which many in the media praise businesses and the wealthy. HERE.

Part II
A few weeks ago, I had what seemed to me a small medical problem, so I phoned my primary physician. However, after we discussed the problem, he directed me to a specialist.
After the specialist examined me, he directed me to a different specialist elsewhere. When I was examined and tested in the second specialist's office, he immediately phoned a hospital, asking to have an operating room available in an hour.
No more than 5 hours elapsed between my seeing the first specialist and the time when I was on an operating table.
This was quite a contrast with what happens in countries with government-run medical systems. In such countries, it is not uncommon to have to wait days to see a physician, weeks to see a specialist and months before you can have an operation. It is very doubtful whether I would have lasted that long. HERE.


Debt, blood and fear present golden opportunities - Holmes
Equities, and gold equities in particular, are likely to benefit from the current macro economic picture that is characterised by expansive money supply, massive debts, says US Global's Frank Homes.This is an interesting article with several good graphs explaining why gold is the ultimate safe holding. HERE.

Gold prices slip 1% in European trade as stocks rally
After a volatile session in Asia, wary investors looked to cash in on gains made on Tuesday but, euro zone debt concerns still loom on the horizon. Another capping or profit taking. This shows gold moving out of weak hands. HERE.

Swiss franc peg could pave the way for $2,000 gold
The decision by the Swiss National Bank to peg its currency to the euro makes it a less attractive safe haven asset in the eyes of some, say analysts, which should be beneficial for gold. I was very disappointed in the Swiss move to peg to the Euro. The Swiss Franc was a strong and closely controlled currency upon which many depended. Now it is almost a Euro which is a lot shakier. I have held Swiss Franc for years, but now believe that the Norway's Krone is the way to go along with the Singapore Dollar and the Indian Rupee. HERE.

Kazakh central bank to buy local output until 2014/15 
To ease the country's exposure to the sagging dollar, Kazakhstan's central bank will augment its gold reserves by buying the nation's entire gold output until at least 2014/15. HERE.

How much is China looking to add to its gold reserves?

If recent reports are to be believed, then China is looking to add to its relatively modest stock of 1,054 tonnes of gold, but the question is, at what price would their order be filled? HERE.

Spot gold drops 2% on technical selling
Trading on Wednesday saw spot gold drop 2% to as low as $1,826/oz, tracking losses on U.S. gold futures on technical selling. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:
Currencies from KitCo:
Some prices: DOW up 153.84 to 11292.63; S&P up 18.93 to 1184; NASDAQ up 42.24 to 2516.59; gold down 67.40 to 1806.20; silver down 1.11 to 40.85.

Best to each, Doug


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