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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Attacks on the Biblical Family - Comsumer Prices - Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction - Poor vs Rich - Buying Fortuna - Bank Solvency Crisis


Biblical God-given parental duties and rights are under severe attack by the governments in America today. It is important that we understand the implications of this as evidenced in the moral decay of America. Check out this You Tube presentation and pass it on to others. HERE.

Yesterday, Germany and France announced of the creation of a 2 Trillion Euro bailout fund. This gave investors a sigh of relief. Almost immediately the dollar rally reversed and headed down some. Thus, we see that investors are looking for easy Keynesian ways out of all problems. They have left fundamentals and are looking solely to such quick fixes which are nothing more than pouring gasoline on the raging financial fires created by identical actions of the past. It reminds me of the drought fires here in Texas. Thank the Lord that the fire fighters did not use that tactic.


Consumer Prices in U.S. Rise at Slower Pace HERE. Most of the statistics that come out from governmental sources are "seasonally" adjusted or other types of manipulation to hide the facts. I suggest that you read John Williams reports at

A Taxing Debate: The Mortgage-Interest Deduction HERE. There is opposition to the continuation of this valuable income tax deduction.

Pitting Us Against Each Other
Walter E. Williams
This is an exposure of governmental tactics of pitting poor against rich. I recommend reading it HERE.

From Franklin Sanders:    "Let us never forget, as we listen to the parrots on TV & Radio & the actors in politics & central banks, that there is NO sovereign debt crisis in Greece or Europe, just as there was NO mortgage debt crisis in the US.  There is a BANK SOLVENCY CRISIS, & all this circles around saving the banks, not countries or homeowners. homeowners.  The greedy banks - abetted by lap-dog governments - dug themselves into a hole, and now by means of their bought-&-paid-for politicians, they want to hand a shovel to taxpayers so they can fill it up.  Debt crisis, my eye! It's a BANK crisis, of, by, and for the banks, Euro & US." Check his daily report out HERE.

Yesterday, I was a buyer of Fortuna (FSM) at prices 5.25 down to 5.22. Those were bargains to me, so I bought in small bites near the upper support level on the StockCharts graph, below. You must weigh your own cash position, portfolios, and risk tolerance. I am looking toward fundamentals and not being influenced greatly by the breaking crisis news from the broad media in making investment decisions.


Bob Moriority writes on government problems and Fortuna.
Both subjects are insightful and interesting. HERE.


India's gold demand to rise in festive quarter
Read this report which looks at historical data. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:
Currencies from KitCo:
Some Prices: DOW up 16.80 to 11594.50; S&P down 1.22 to 1224.14; NASDAQ down 13.08 to 2644.40; Gold down 6.00 to 1649.10; Silver down 0.60 to 31.44.

Best to each, Doug


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