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Monday, July 14, 2008

Precious Metals Remain in Sprint Mode

The dollar continues to show signs of further weakness which are intensifying. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae remain in trouble. Apparently, Paulson is attempting to "solve" the problem without nationalization. I am against nationalization, because of the impact upon what ever amount of free market remains after all of the Federal Governmental meddling. There is already too much intervention into our markets and our daily lives. This has virtually trashed our Constitution which forbid such governmental action. Isn't it amazing how much the President and Congress have ignored their vow to uphold the Constitution of the United States. What does this say about their individual integrity?
Both gold and silver continue upward. Gold is at $970.90 and silver at $19.05. The last tick for each was upward. Many folks must be gaining insight into the risks of an expanded Middle East war as Bush has endorsed (Newsmax report) Israel's plan for attack of Iran. The situation seems to be once again heating up, possibly to the boiling temperature. I pray that it will not happen, but have to wait and trust in the Lord which ever path is revealed to us.

The mining stocks have begun to respond to the increased buying of precious metals. All are up today and look to be headed higher.

All of us and our situations are in the hands of the Sovereign King Jesus, who reigns until all nations are put under His feet. That is the glorious time for which we must continue to look. It will come. Of that, there is no rational doubt. It is not for us to know when, but simply to have the faith and courage to know it will be here.

Best to each, Doug


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