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Monday, November 17, 2008

DROOY & VGZ in Trading Range for Me.

Above is a one month graph on VGZ which I have begun trading. Last week, I bought in at 0.8866, and at opening today, I sold some at 1.03. That is only at 0.1434 differential less commission. However, at the price one can buy a 1000 or more shares with a small investment. The volume makes the trades profitable. Of course, we must watch the trading range closely. The last trade was at 0.98.

Above is the one month graph of DROOY which I have been trading most of this month. The range of about 3.2 to about 4.00 has been fairly well defined for the month. I am currently in at an average of 3.389 and currently have a buy in for more at 3.30. The last trade was at 3.34which is not a bad price, but I wanted to buy it a bit lower. The last trade remains at 3.34, but the bid is now my 3.30 and the asked is 3.33, so I may get my first buy for the day.
Above is the Kitco 24 Hour graph on gold. The typical opening in NY was met with selling, but the price seems to be moving mostly in an upward direction. Gold is now at 734.60 and is zig-zagging in predominantly an upward direction. That would be nice!

From Resource Investor this morning:

When Will The Chinese Economic Agenda Be Noticed In Washington? (Part II)

By Jack Lifton
15 Nov 2008 at 02:00 AM GMT-05:00

I was going to call this article either “The economic life of squirrels and the European Union Commission on Enterprise and Industry,” or “Why is the European Union’s Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry so much smarter than his non-existent counterpart in Washington?” My quandary was due to the fact that while the American establishment sleeps and dreams of globalism, not globalization,, the fledging European Union has made a very good step forward towards assuming one of the most important functions of a truly federal government; it has made the economic security of all of the European nations a first priority. It has just now officially recognized and moved to craft a solution to a problem of long term economic security for itself in a way that should bring shame to the hereditary and growingly nepotistic U.S. Congress, which clearly operates with only one long term security goal in mind: re-election in perpetuity for its members—without regard to the wants, the needs, or the opinions of the American people as a whole.

Read the article HERE.

More from the same source:

Got Gold Report – Gold, Silver Premiums Highest in Years

By Gene Arensberg
16 Nov 2008 at 12:00 AM GMT-05:00

A lack of physical bullion supply at the same time of extremely strong demand for popular small bullion items coupled with artificially low futures dominated spot prices for gold and silver resulted in extraordinarily high premiums for virtually all bullion products in October. The very high premiums continue and availability remains tight.

Read the article HERE.

Folks, It is very important to keep all of life concentrated upon glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. By the way, it is forever for the people of the faith of Abraham. King Jesus has paved the only way for us to be reconciled with the Father. As the bible tells us, "He is THE way!" Also, we are told, "No one comes to the Father except through Him." From the beginning of time, this has been fact. Israel, the people of God in Old Testament times, came to the Father in exactly the same way. Those of the New Israel, the Church, also come in the same way. However, we are entrusted with more of the word of God were the ancients.

We have the completed word of God in the Bible and we are forbidden to add to it or to subtract from it. It is not a smorgass board from which to pick and choose what we like and reject what is hard. We need the whole word of God, the teaching of the Holy Spirit, our families, and the corporate fellowship of other believers for great Christian growth. I trust that you joined in corporate worship of the Lord on His day yesterday.

Best to each, Doug


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