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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wonderful and the Ugly

First the beautiful: Our God is Sovereign and exercising His Sovereign power in spite of the false gods throughout out world. He is in control and we should all be rejoicing that He is. His is God of gods, Light of lights, Truth of truths, King of kings, Lord of lords, Absolute of what people think is absolute, He is Jesus Christ. The good news of the gospel is that no one comes to the Father except through the Lord King Jesus Christ. Praise Him and rejoice that this is fact. There is no other!

Then the ugly: Lay offs are abounding and on the table for the immediate future. Check it out HERE. Of course, this is not the only bad news as it is all around us. For example, after the Chinese injection of many Renminbi into the market yesterday which gave it a boost, the DJI is now down some 194+ to 8677 (the DJI is now down only 28+). The general market remains in deep trouble. Gold and silver are languishing, as follows: 736.20 and 9.81. Both were up earlier, but have backed off some. Virtually all of the mining and ETF Trusts are off today. All markets remain very volatile, so beware and buy very cautiously, if at all.

I purchased DROOY at an average of 3.56 today for more trading. It remains in the trading range with a low of 3.41 to a high of just above 4.00. If one buys in volume of 500 shares with a low commission, such as $7 from Scottrade, there is room for profit on each swing. This is playing out as a good plan, but beware of being "locked out" should the precious metals sprint forward into the final wave when the lemmings climb on board. By the way, I believe we are some distance from the final wave. We must first face the worsening recession or depression and then begin to experience the price inflation as a result of the vast amount of unbacked paper currencies which are being spread across the world by Central banks and governments. However, even in this, there is a vast difference.

Both Europe and China are dealing from a reserve of strength, while the U. S. is dealing from weakness. This is due to a declining dollar here at home. In fact, if the U. S. were are true business, we would be bankrupt. However, we are dependent upon the world to finance our deficit and support the dollar as the reserve currency. This is subject to change over night. This is the critical danger facing our economy. Were the world discontinue the purchase of our debt instruments, we would be in trouble which is unbelievable. Were the world to refuse to use the dollar as the reserve currency of the world or to dilute it as is rumored by the Euro in Europe and the Renminbi in Asia, we would be in a deep depression.

A deepening recession or depression at this time would be a serious threat. Perhaps, Obama's plan for a security force inside the U. S. would be essential to keep some sibilance of order. By the way, God does not tolerate anarchy. He is a God of order. Remember, He left the pagan nations in the promised land to maintain order and allowed the Israelites to capture the land little by little as they were able. He left the pagan nations until the fullness of there sin and rebellion was achieved, then He used the Israelites to utterly destroy them in accordance with His plan from before the beginning of time as we know it.

We have a bank holiday and there is no mail delivery as far as I know. We are celebrating Veterans Day. It is a day in which we should honor all veterans, but particularly those who participated in W.W.II. That generation sacrificed for years. Those on the home front sacrificed greatly, and of course those on the many battle fields faced death for years.

Wars forever change nations. It is sad, but they tend to make the central governments more powerful and move the power away from the lower levels of government. The War for Southern Independence caused a quantum leap in the power of the Federal Government here in America. That power has grown significantly with each administration from that time forward. Thus, the states which at one time inter positioned themselves between the Federal Government and the citizens of the states were essential to protect the life, liberty, and property of their citizens from the foreign central power have now been reduced to the role of puppets of the Federal Government. The change has made us citizens of the U.S. and not citizens of the state. This has been devastating to our freedom and has moved us ever farther away from the Constitution of These United States ever closer to totalitarian government. The election was lost by the Republicans, because of the quantum leap in this move under George W. Bush.

We must pray that Obama will relinquish much of the unconstitutional power recently grabbed and return us to our Constitution. This would be a great and welcomed change. But we must beware of change only for the sake of change. Any change must be for the better and closely aligned with the Law of God. Else, it will result in more loss of freedom.

Best to each, Doug


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