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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is a day of blessing for America. Regardless of who God selects as our next president, THE ELECTION IS ALMOST OVER, DONE, FINISHED!!! It means the end of the sound bites (lies) which tell the voters what the candidates want them to hear. It means that there will be a lull in the rhetoric (lies). That, dear friends, is a true blessing! Ominous as it is, we now face the actions which will certainly not follow the promises presented to date.

Silver is higher, and the graph has not yet developed into the usual drop at the opening of the New York trading. Maybe the boyz are taking a break. They most certainly have not given up, but maybe a breather for the time being. Silver at this writing is 10.32 up 0.53.

Gold is looking better, too. The graph of each of our precious metals are quite similar. I have been trading some of my DROOY. Both the last at 3.50 and sold it at 3.83 this morning. Will go back in around 3.50 given that it drops that much. The last trade was at 3.91 a little while ago. Gold is 750.70 up 28.70 now. It is about time for gold to begin to rise since the dollar has been so inflated.

From the Bloomberg article below, America needs even more loans from the world. I wonder how long the world will continue to lend without having any anticipation of being repaid. We will repudiate our debt by adding to the supply of ever lowered value dollars or simply refuse to pay at all. Both actions involve fraud and theft in violation of the law of the Sovereign God who will never be mocked for long. He will balance the books whether we do or not. His balancing will involve a great deal of pain.

U.S. to Borrow Record This Quarter to Finance Deficit (Update1)

By Rebecca Christie and John Brinsley

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Treasury more than tripled its planned debt sales for this quarter to help finance a 2009 budget deficit that bond dealers advising the department estimate may swell to almost $1 trillion.

Borrowing needs are expected to rise to $550 billion in the three months to Dec. 31, compared with the $142 billion predicted in July, the Treasury said in a statement in Washington. That follows a $530 billion record in the July-September quarter.

Read the article HERE

The following article from shows that some of the Treasury recent actions are being severely criticized. As with any government intervention, it is never even handed or equitable across the arena of the involvement. Some are rewarded and others are passed over. That is a major threat in such actions. All such actions should be critically questioned.

Paulson's Swindle Revealed

By William Greider

October 29, 2008

Read the article HERE

There is more sad news from our automobile industry. GM is in dire straights and Ford realized a 30% drop in sales in October. The bad news does not end with the auto manufacturers, as Circuit City is reported to be closing some 155 stores. Have you noticed the closed business locations around your area? If they are not visible now, you will begin seeing more and more of them.

Personal spending dropped by 0.3%. This is the lowest since 2005 and is the 6th worse month since 1991.

The Chicago Purchasing Managers Index dropped from 56.7 to 37.8, the lowest since 2001.

Folks, the recession is spreading everywhere we look. While food and medical expenses have seen little relief, there are more for sale signs on home, business locations for rent, continuing layoffs, and loans are tight. Credit card payments to banks have dropped off and the consumer seems to be maxed out. No wonder that sales of major products are off.

Though there is inflation in much of what we consume, the lower prices at the pumps mask a great deal of it. We can find gas to fill our SUVs at less than $2. here in San Antonio. This is likely to continue for a time.

However, in time the vast amount of dollars flooded into the system to date and those that will be added in the future will eventually cause massive price inflation of all that we purchase. In the mean time expect much more recession and possible depression for maybe even years. If you study the "Great Depression," you will find that the stock market collapsed in 1929 and then came the depression from which it took WWII and the extreme need for war materials of 1939 to bail us out. Pray that we will not have a repeat of great war to solve the economic woes.

We will have the president placed in power by the Sovereign God of all. Until we have leaders who recognize that it is untimately God, Himself, who put those in positions of power and who will follow God's Law in the exercize of this power, we will continue to fall under the judgment of the living God. This God promises "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (II Chron. 7:14)

Christians, it is our problem and He has offered the solution. Let's do it!

Best to each, Doug


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