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Monday, December 28, 2009

Conflicting Forecasts on Gold - No Conflict in God's Mind

It seems that the boyz were active again during the light trading early today in the precious metals. They still have a large overhand of shorts, possibly covered by longs. Some day, they hopefully get rid of the shorts. Even better would be a big squeeze on them being caught in the third phase with a multitude of shorts which could not be dumped and they would have to eat them. That would be a fitting come uppance for them.
The graph of gold, below is showing signs of correction continuation into 2010. I do not like the technical indications, but note the green comments which are positive.
Hecla is one of our best performing stocks. I am not selling it and look forward to higher prices in the not too distant future as the precious metals correction comes to an end.
Here is another of our winners. We may have a narrow window of opportunity to add to or initiate holdings in this good performer early in 2010 or maybe this year.


The current bull market in gold is far from over. In fact it is only beginning.

While it has come off its highs, gold is still up 30% this year and, many factors still point to a long term bull trend.

Read it HERE.


Bearish on gold, silver, zinc lead and nickel, but palladium and oil to rise in 2010: RBS

Despite the worst economic recession since 1945, RBS asserts, we have had a telescoped commodity cycle, with peak to trough in just nine months against an average of 41 months for previous recessions. From trough halfway back to peak has taken just nine months. For the short term, it's now about the economic macro delivering along with exit strategies working

Author: RhonaO'Connell
Posted: Wednesday , 23 Dec 2009


In Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS') latest quarterly Commodity Companion, entitled "Headwinds", the investment bank is looking for the emergence of "deep inventory-draining deficits" in the commodities markets as we move towards the second half of late 2013, with the world economy fully back in its stride and commodities in general likely to be in an effervescent mood. Read it HERE.


Confident on gold, Nichols: $1500 in 2010 and $2000-$3000 longer term

Specialist gold analyst Jeff Nichols, is still bullish on gold despite the recent price correction and would not be surprised to see $1500 gold next year and higher levels to come.

Author: Jeffrey Nichols
Posted: Thursday , 24 Dec 2009


Gold has enjoyed a long and enviable climb, rising some 380 percent from a cyclical low near $255 an ounce in April 2001 to an all-time high just over $1,225 early this month. Nevertheless, the bull market in gold has a long way to go - both in magnitude and direction. Read it HERE.


Chinese rush to purchase gold as long holiday season gets under way

Chinese department stores and gold traders have been collectively making small cuts in the price at which they are selling gold which reportedly has led to a huge boost in gold sales over the holiday period, which continues for another month.

Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted: Monday , 28 Dec 2009


According to a report in the China Daily, Chinese citizens have been rushing to buy gold after major department stores cut the price of gold jewellery by around 3% in year end promotions for the Chinese holiday season, which runs from Christmas to the Chinese New Year which falls this year on February 10th. Gold jewellery sales increased by around 30% or more over the weekend.

Read it HERE.


Why Gold Will be the “Greatest Trade Ever”By Peter Krauthauthor-title">Contributing Editor

. . . . More recently, however, gold has experienced an unprecedented run. At one point, for example, it sprinted from $1,050 to $1,218 in under 30 days flat.

That's an impressive 16% gain. Between late October and early December, the precious yellow metal saw 14 record closes in 17 days. So its recent pullback is not only unsurprising, it's healthy.

Don't forget that gold's clocked a positive gain every year since 2001. Yet gold's run is far from over; rather, it's just getting warmed up... color: rgb(153, 0, 0);" >Read it HERE.

I trust that you can see there are conflicting positions on the precious metal for now and into 2010. God tells us not to attempt to look too far in the future, because we do not even know what will happen tomorrow. However, He has given us brains and created us in His image. Therefore, we are to use our brains, examine the current situation, and make estimates of the future. We know that He controls the future and the results of every plan we conceive. He, even, directs our planning">He tells us that "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory is of the Lord." We must take this into consideration every day as we make our plan. He also tells that we are to plan, to commit those plans to Him and look to Him for the success. Our planning should be careful, cautious, and done with a knowledge of the Word of God and with prayers for guidance to the Holy Spirit. Then the plans should be carefully committed to the Lord, and we should give Him the praise and glory for the results whatever they may be. Yes, we even thank Him for what we see as unsuccessful. Then we should ask Him what He is teaching us through the failures.

Here are the miners from Scottrade<

Here are the currencies from

BYDDF 8.61; BULM<> 0.31; FVITF 2.01; DOW off 13 to 10533; Gold 1102.80, and Silver 17.53.

">A blessed and profitable New Year as you follow the Word of God in all of life. There is no other way. Do not neglect the fervent study of God's Word. Then diligently apply it to ALL of LIFE. To do otherwise is to seek death, not life.

Best to each, Doug


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