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Monday, July 26, 2010

Iran Saber Rattling - Gold & Miners in Narrow Trading Range

Always exciting times in life and markets. The Apostle Paul tells us to "rejoice, and again I say rejoice."  He also tells us to give thanks to God in every situation. That is the correct attitude. Rejoice in whatever situation God has placed you in, because that is where He wants you. Continually, seek His guidance and praise Him daily. Best to each, Doug

From over the weekend:

Ex-CIA Chief Hayden: Military Strike on Iran Likely

A former CIA director says military action against Iran now seems more likely because no matter what the U.S. does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program. HERE.


EU to Impose Sanctions on Iran in Bid to Halt Nuclear Drive

European Union governments imposed their toughest sanctions yet on Iran, backing U.S. efforts to force the clerical regime to halt uranium enrichment as proof it’s not seeking a nuclear weapons.

Read it HERE.


Bullion, coin dealers call for investigation of U.S. coin blanks supply

A congressional subcommittee has been asked to investigate the growing backlog in and foreign procurement of U.S. bullion and collectors' precious metals coin blanks manufactured by the U.S. Mint.
Read it HERE.


Time to Accumulate metals and mining stocks-UBS

UBS says thermal coal, copper, zinc and gold are the commodities to watch. But, warns investors to take their time accumulating assets
I agree that almost anytime is the time to accumulate precious metals and mining stocks, but whether to do so or not should depend upon your present portfolio and balance of assets; e.g., cash versus others. To be without precious metals and some mining stocks or ETFs of mining stocks can be a truly left behind at some point in time. It is better to be quite early than a second late. However, all should us caution and buy in small affordable bites. Read it HERE.


Weekend Top Story: BMO foresees upside in commodities' prices after anxious summer

BMO expects commodities to rally and perform quite well due to continued strong growth in China and ongoing recovery in the western world in the next 18 months.
HERE. Keep in mind that gold and silver, to a lessor extent, are money which separates them from commodities in many ways. Thus, they will not always follow commodities even in recession, depressions, and deflation. They always retain value and never will go to zero.


The Breakup of the United States

by Michael S. Rozeff

As the dissatisfactions of Americans with their national government grow, so does the likelihood of the breakup of the United States. I believe that most Americans can improve their well-being by ending the national government, that is, ending the Union. I believe that this goal should shape politics if politics is to do much good. Before you dismiss this off-hand, think about the old nation of Israel which was completely destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Roman army as judgment of God. He will not hesitate to do the same to the United States unless His people pray to Him, repent, and turn back to Him. The article may be read HERE.  


Who Is Benefiting from the Collapse of the Small Banks?

Have you ever noticed how almost all U.S. bank closings are now announced over the weekend? It is almost as if someone wants to keep the increasing number of bank closures out of the news cycle as much as possible. The Obama administration continues to use phrases like "green shoots" and "economic recovery", but the truth is that the U.S. banking system is in the middle of a meltdown. On Friday, federal regulators shut down 7 more banks. That means that the total number of U.S. bank failures has reached 103 for 2010 so far. Last year (which was a really bad year for bank closings), we did not break 100 until October. Of course, federal officials promise that "the worst is almost over", but can we really trust anything that they tell us at this point? We should be rejoicing that the recession is over and recovery is moving strongly. NOT! They would have us believe that, but we should not trust our recent or present government. We can not trust men and have our trust in the Sovereign King Jesus, alone. He cannot lie. Read it HERE.

Some prices: FVITF  2.04 (holding well); BYDDF 6.79; SDS 32.22; SSG 15.15; TBT 36.5507; DOW up 40 to 10467; Gold off 7.30 to 1182.40; Silver off 0.02 to 18.10.

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