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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's get clearer on the place of gold & silver in our portfolios.

This is shorter than most of my postings, but I feel that it is important for you to understand about gold and silver. The following are two articles which give a good picture of the metals. 

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Ready for the ‘Greatest Bull Market Any of Us Will Ever See’?

This is really a good analysis of gold and the potential of the metal prices. The graphs, alone, are worth a good study. Having experienced and profited, first hand, the great bull market in gold during the 1970s and into early 1980, I can say that many similar factors are arising which point toward another great "Gold Rush." It also appears to me that we are much closer to it than many believe. I have little doubt that we will see much higher prices in gold later this year. I highly recommend this article. Read it HERE


To Profit From The Gold Market, Timing Is Everything

The gold market has gotten a lot of attention lately. Through the end of June, prices were soaring, and many people—professional traders and savvy amateurs alike—made nice profits trading gold on the commodity exchanges.
Since then, prices have backed off a bit. So now the big question traders are asking themselves is, “Should I look to get into the gold market now, or is it too late?”

Did you buy when gold was 200, 500, 1000, or 1100? If not, why? Were you waiting for 1300 or 1400 or, maybe 3000? The question is not always one of timing, but rather an analysis of your present portfolio. Most of us do not "trade" on a regular basis where timing is critically important. Rather, we conservatively accumulate real money: gold and silver in coins. Thus, we tend to think, as Richard Russell always says, "in terms of ounces." With gold and silver, we are accumulating to protect our purchasing power while the world thinks in terms of unbacked, depreciating paper currencies. This is a good article and should be read; however, take the timing aspect with a grain of salt and reason. It is better to be too early than only a short time late. HERE

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