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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Robust Time in the Ole Mkts Yesterday! - Gold & Silver Replacing Paper

Folks, Be certain that you see the video, below, about Gold and Silver Coins being circulated in Asian markets in place of the paper currencies. WOW! Real money to replace paper monopoly money. This is very important and you can hear the people speak in true terms as they examine the swindle of paper currencies by banks and governments.


Middle East gold sales rise on dip in price

The fall in gold price from its May peak has seen gold sales up around 10% in Dubai and Abu Dhabi showing underlying support on price dips in this important market.
Read it HERE.


Australian miners looking toward Asia, W. Africa for growth

As big discoveries dry up at home and cost and political pressures mount, so Australian miners are taking their expertise to countries like Thailand and Kenya


No worries about a Chinese slowdown

Australian miners remain convinced that China's appetite for everything from iron ore to coal and copper remains strong
No worries, Mate. HERE.

Pat Buchanan from

GOP Blank Check for War? 

High among the blunders of history was the "blank cheque" Kaiser Wilhelm gave Vienna, after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, to deal with the Serbs as they saw fit.
Five weeks later, Vienna cashed the check and declared war, after Belgrade refused to submit to all 10 demands of an ultimatum. Russia mobilized; Germany and France followed. And war came, the bloodiest in all of European history with 9 million soldiers in their graves. HERE.


Insights on ECRI: Is This Stock-Market Prophet Calling for a Double-Dip Recession? HERE.  


China Manufacturing Slowdown Not Enough to Cause “Double Dip”

The China manufacturing sector expanded at the slowest rate in 17 months in July, showing the government's efforts to tighten lending is weighing on the country's economy. But the Asian juggernaut is still posting strong enough growth to keep the rest of the world out of a "double dip" recession. HERE.


FDIC flashes SOS – 1,000 bank failures before recession is over – FDIC not too far away from tapping into U.S. Treasury $500 billion taxpayer lifeline. Georgia leads the pack with 40 bank failures since 2008. HERE.


Hot political summer as China throttles rare metal supply and claims South China Sea

The United States and Europe have been remarkably insouciant about supplies of rare earth minerals so crucial to frontier technologies, from hybrid engines to mobile phones, superconductors, radar and smart bombs.
Lack of strategic planning by the West has allowed China to acquire a world monopoly on this family of seventeen metals. Assumptions that Beijing would never risk its reputation as a global team player by abruptly strangling supply have proved naive.  HERE.

The following is a YouTube video from Indonesia where Gold and Silver is being widely used by individuals and businesses. It is in the local language with sub-titles. A sign of the times? Or of the future?

I urge each of you to watch this video all the way through. There are portions during which English is spoken, but the sub-titles are clear and easily followed. 

Gold & Silver as active money video HERE.
Silver seems to be racing ahead. Have the boyz covered their shorts or have investment trusts and wealthy funds begun to accumulate this metal. We will have to wait and see, but for the time being silver is racing ahead. It is about 18.39 now up 0.04 on the day. Here is the graph of SLV which reflects today's pricing and moves so far. 

It would be very nice if silver were to be left to the actual market without so much manipulation as we have seen intensified during the last few years.

Miners from

Currencies from

Some current prices: FVITF 2.04; DIA 106.31; TLT 99.45; TBT 36.2825; GDXJ 26.95; DOWoff 45.11 to 10629; Gold up 3.50 to 1185.50; Silver up 0.08 to 18.43.

The market will eventually tell us if the bear is playing with us or if the general market has turned around. I still am concerned that the market is presenting conflicting information. The investors are still fearful of what is happening as is shown by the renewed and expanding interest in the precious metals. As this grows, the miners and the metals will cost more in terms of paper currencies. It is exciting that Asians are coming alive to the fact that gold and silver are real money as they are becoming more discouraged with paper fake money swindles.

Thank the Lord that Hes is in control and directing all things for His glory and for our eventual good. Praise Him daily.

Best, Doug


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