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Monday, December 06, 2010

Update and follow up to yesterday's post. - I am selling SILA

This is a quick update. Last night's posting was very important as a call for Christians to attack the heart of our national problems rather than simply looking at the symptoms. My prayer is that all will study the bible for solutions. I call on the New Testament Christians to look to the whole Bible which God has written for our guide to the life He prescribes for us to live. Without understanding the history of God's people, we will fall into the same traps which brought their destruction under the wrath of God. Remember that the New Testament warns that "It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God." Look it up, it is there. 

About employment from The Daily Pfennig (
"Well. the cold fell over the dollar on Friday, as we saw something that has happened very often in the past two years, and that is a down-right, no two-ways about it, convention reaction to the Jobs data! First of all, the Jobs Jamboree turned sour, when it was learned that U.S. corporations only added 39,000 jobs in November. You may recall that on Friday morning, I told you that the number would be less than the forecast of 150,000 jobs created, but even my guess was higher than the actual, 39,000 jobs created.

One of the news agencies put out a blurb, that said that this 39,000 jobs created in November proved that the economy was accelerating, but at a slower pace than anticipated. I say bunk! Yes, we're no longer losing 300,000 jobs in a month. but that's just the result of there are no more people to fire without closing the doors of the shop or Corporation! If that's the best the U.S. can muster up after all the stimulus, and loans, and zero interest rates, and Quantitative Easing. Then I would argue that 39,000 jobs doesn't represent an acceleration, but more of an "adjustment". Oh! And the Unemployment rate rose to 9.8% (from 9.6%). Of course that's the "company line" unemployment rate from the Labor Dept. The actual unemployment rate, if you count all the heads, which the Labor Dept seems to have forgotten how to do, is nearing 25%..."

That's right. nearly 1/4 of the country's workers are unemployed.. And if you counted the "underemployed".  This is a very serious situation. Think about 1/4 of the nation being unemployed. This is a recovery? I don't think so.

Chinese view gold as real money and demand is exploding
News that Chinese gold imports are at record levels suggests both the government and the people are purchasers and this is one of the current drivers of the global gold price. This is adding to the demand and could hurry the third wave of the Gold Rush. Central banks of the world are also buying. HERE.

Gold and gold stocks baffle bankers
Western short-term investment patterns should not be what gold is about. Follow the emerging East which holds gold for the long term. Both the Europeans and Asians understand gold. For the most part, we in the west do not understand the long term view on the precious metals. We have yet to face a time of monetary collapse. All the rest of the world has while we "prospered" as owners of the world reserve currency. It allowed us to defraud the world as we were poor stewards. Our day of comeuppance is approaching. Most investors tend to play gold and silver's short term moves. Few realize that both are true money. Our founders knew and respected this. They included this biblical concept in the Constitution which we have violated.  HERE.

Miners from Note that the precious metals miners are showing a decoupling from the general stock market. This happens primarily when the demand for the metals increases due to economic and political uncertainty. The dollar does not seem to be following the perceived optimism about the economy. It continues to be decimated by the Federal Reserve and Government in spite of the higher dollar rhetoric.
Currencies from

Some prices: FVITF  4.595; BULM 1.19; OLVRF 1.442; SILA 0.35-0.40 (I have sell orders in on SILA at a limit of 0.40 - This has been a disappointment); TBT 36.40 (Bonds are a bit stronger); DOW off 18.50 to 11363+; SPX off 2.58 to 1222+ (Both DOW and SPX have moved upward too rapidly, and are due for a set back.); Gold 1420.40 up 5.90, and Silver 29.99 up 0.61.

Best to each, Doug


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