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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bold as a lion - Gold Standard - Economic Lunacy - Closer look at Gold & Silver - Currencies

Both silver and gold are up as I begin to update the blog. The US markets are yet to open, so I am waiting scratching at the door saying, "Open, Open, Open." Having a little sellers remorse over the sales of some of my FVITF, since Fortuna has really hoisted the sails and moved forward with the sprinting silver.

It is best not to look behind, and just rejoice that the Lord gave me a bit of profit and more cash to rebuy when He provides opportunity. Profit is never a bad thing, and I am thankful.

The bible continually points to the fact that Christians have a long range view of the future. We also gain inspiration from a godly look at how the providence of God has raised up what we see as spiritual and wise giants of the past. For example, we should daily praise God for raising up George Washington with out whom, we might still be British citizens. But as we profit and are encouraged by the past, we are not fearful of the future, because we know that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Rom 8:28)

We fear not man, but God who can destroy both body and soul, and know that nothing can separate us from His love for His people.  "The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion." ( Pro 28:1) Thus, we face the future knowing that God is faithful and cares for us. I continually pray that each one of you knows and serves the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and reconciliation with God, the Father.

Town Hall:
Economic Lunacy

Walter E. Williams
Economic lunacy abounds, and often the most learned, including Nobel Laureates, are its primary victims. The most recent example of economic lunacy is found in a Huffington Post article titled "The Silver Lining of Japan's Quake" written by Nathan Gardels, editor of New Perspectives Quarterly, who has also written articles for The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Washington Post.Mr. Gardels says, "No one -- least of all someone like myself who has experienced the existential terror of California's regular tremors and knows the big one is coming here next -- would minimize the grief, suffering and disruption caused by Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami. An interesting article. HERE.

KitCo News: FOCUS:
Some U.S. States Look At Potential Return To Gold Standard; May Conflict With Federal Law
Uncertain economic times and distrust of fiat currencies have people around the globe flocking to the safety of hard assets, with gold and silver the primary beneficiaries of that discontent.
Some U.S. state legislators are starting to also look at what they can do to protect their local economies and many are wondering how they can enact a gold standard. It’s unlikely, however, that states can go very far without being in conflict with federal law.
Most famously, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has advocated the abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to a gold standard. Now this could be a big step away from Walter E Williams article, above. Let's hope that this comes to fruition. The Constitution bars the states, and by implication the USG from making anything but gold and silver a legal tender. Read it HERE.

Mine Web:
Rapid rise in drilling demand a surprise - Major Drilling
In what looks like the exact opposite of the decline in late 2008, the drilling service provider says the last 90 days has seen a sharp uptick in demand. As I have been pointing out recently, the demand is very high as it is with silver, also. HERE.

Lew Rockwell:
A Brief History of the United States
This is a secular look at recent US history. Some of it tongue in cheek, but there is a lot of truth which many will recognize. Read it HERE

Mine Web:
Gold heading toward cyclical high - Jeff Christian, CPM
"The economy on a global basis is continuing to grow and is probably more stable than it was two years ago - so there are some reasons to reduce some of the risk premia that you're seeing in the gold." New Podcast and write up. HERE.

Here is a look at silver and gold from yesterday and as the market opens here in US


Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF 5.72; OLVRF 1.7246; SENY 0.77; BYDDF 3.97; HHWW 0.76; DOW down 16 to 12002.47; SPX down 6.10 to 1287.70; Gold up 3.50 to 1432.70, and Silver up 0.11 to 36.49.

Best to each, Doug


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