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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gold Going Parabolic This Early? - Metals hit a sandy spot in the road - Could become a buying opportunity - A lesson in the Lord's peace and care - Miners had started to climb, but also stumbled some.

This is a time for real caution. I am searching for a time to add to my portfolios, and we may have one very soon. However, I will be buying in very small bites, because I want to test the water before I jump in whole hog. At times it is best to do nothing, but I am ready with my dry powder.

We must learn to trust completely in King Jesus, not only for salvation, but peace during times of perceived trouble and danger. He is testing me, at present, with very expensive under the home drain pipe repairs. This has exceeded any repairs that I have ever experienced. My cushion of cash is being rapidly depleted. Perhaps, I was depending too much on it rather than on Him. I have prayed for wisdom from Him and insight into what He is teaching me. Nevertheless, I know that He has brought this to me for a very special reason, and I want to learn the lesson He is presenting. I do have peace in the matter and confidence that He will provide answers. He always has shown Himself faithful in the past and I am totally relying upon His mercy continuing. I pray that each of you have this confidence in Him. There is really no other way for an abundant life here and forever.

KitCo News:

Most-Active Comex Gold Touches $1,800 For First Time On Euro-Zone Debt Worries
Most-active U.S. gold futures touched $1,800 an ounce for the first time Wednesday as renewed worries on the European debt front sent equities sinking and investors piling into gold as a safe harbor. Silver also rose.
“We’ve had a catastrophic decline in the financial sector, and that’s why you’re seeing gold get a lift here,” said Spencer Patton, founder and chief investment officer with Steel Vine Investments. HERE.

KitCo Video News:
View it HERE.

Godfather Politics:

Is Martial Law and Dictatorship Around the Corner?
These are indeed scary times for many Americans and the future is full of chaos and uncertainty. But is it really uncertainty or is this part of a scripted plan being played out in the nation’s capitol? HERE.

Folks, It looks to me as if gold may be going parabolic now. I expected it to, but not quite so soon. It may still be early, but examine the following two graphs of gold. However, Gold this Thursday morning has backed off some to 1759.60 down 35.60 showing the volatility. Silver has backed off 0.96 to 38.33.  A sandy spot in the road has been found. Could be headed for a good buying opportunity. I have not moved yet, but am keeping a close eye on the price movement, as I have funds waiting in the Ever Bank bank account ready to jump to the metals select accounts at a moment's notice.

Mine Web:

Quantum shift in gold and silver stock sentiment has to come
The mere fact that both gold and silver have appreciated around 30% so far this year means that dividend paying precious metals mining stocks have to be due a substantial rerating by the markets. It has not happened yet, but could in the near future. The miners bucked the trend of the general market on Wednesday, but and doing the same today as the general market is up early on Thursday. HERE.

Pounding the table in bullishness for gold and silver stocks
"Buy the TSXV" was the advice Michael Ballanger sent to his clients the morning after the Dow lost 698 points. In this update for The Gold Report, he explains why he sees the current climate as "extremely gold-and-silver friendly." HERE.

Gold steadies just below $1,800 after surging to record
Gold prices stabilized around $1,794.29, after falling from a new record above $1,800 reached in the last session, on the back of a move by the CME Group to hike margins for trading COMEX gold futures. I believe that the not for profit boyz have capped gold at 1800 for the time being. HERE.

The dynamics of buying gold only growing - Pravda
Russian view on the rising gold price and if gold is in a bubble if, and when, it will collapse - Not soon say analysts but short term correction perhaps on the cards. It seems to be true that more of the Lemmings are beginning to pile into the gold boat of financial security, but it does seem a bit too early for the third phase Gold Rush. HERE.

Below is the Stock Charts GDX (Miners Index Fund) graph. It is partially encouraging, but has a long way to go for any very strong upward movement.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: DOW up 299 to 11017; S&P up 34.40 to 1155.16; NASDAQ up 81.14 to 2462; Gold down 39.70 to 1755.70; Silver off 0.88 to 38.41. Capped metals are taking hits today, Thursday.

Best to each, Doug


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