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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It seems that the debt limit has been raised. - Looks like we will have a buying opportunity. - I am getting ready

Nobel economist Michael Spence on U.S. debt talks
July 31 - Nobel prize-winning economist Michael Spence comments on the ongoing negotiations to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.HERE.

Markets to rally if debt deal reached, downgrade eyed
If debate in Washington over raising the U.S. debt ceiling finally ends with a deal on Sunday, the last-minute reprieve could spark a relief rally when global markets open. HERE.

Government Gone Wild:
Watch the YouTube video HERE

I have started this blog update on Sunday evening and see that gold is now down 16.10 to 1611.1 and silver down 0.30 to 39.60. So the fall in the prices of our precious metals has begun. This is what I expected as the debt limit is raised. This is in anticipation of the "solution" to the debt limit problem. What will it be when the news is fully released. If one, as am I, intends to add to his portfolio on any large correction, I will possibly have to move quickly tomorrow.

This may be jumping the gun, so to speak, but I wanted to get this info out to you so that if you decide, you will be ready to move quickly. As always, I encourage you to make your own decisions. I am looking to shop for bargains in the miners and to add to my holdings of Canadian Trust, as well as my Metals Select Accounts at Everbank World Markets. 

I trust that you attended worship at a sound Christian Church today. Many folks do not realize how important it is to obey God's Word in corporate worship. We need the word soundly preached, to participate in the two Sacraments, and to be under the discipline of a sound church leadership which is committed to a Christian World and Life view in all matters of life and practice.

Best to each, Doug


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