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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Riots in England - General Market Moves Up - Gold holding strong - Silver lagging (Could be a good buy) - Miners mixed - Norweigen and Swiss Currencies strong - King Jesus Reigns

King Jesus reigns from the right hand of God the Father. He always intercedes for His people. Praise Him and worship Him daily. 

The riots of the young people in England are quite severe. It seems that many have used the excuse of a police shooting to loot and riot. There are hot heads all over the world and people are upset about the governments lack of support for citizens. Such riots seem to be spreading.

Money News:

Rogers: "Bankrupt" U.S. Will Never Pay Back Its Bills
The U.S. government deserves the downgrade Standard and Poor's slapped on its ratings, because the country has run up so many debts it will never get out of the hole, say famed commodities investor Jim Rogers. Read more HERE.

News Max:
'Scared the Hell Out of Me. It Was a Great Wake-UpCall (Although I Wasn't Really Asleep)'
An Estimated One Million Americans Have United to View This Powerful Warning to Prepare for a 2012 Economic Crisis! I Strongly Suggest You Take the Time to Join Them by Launching a Private Airing of This Broadcast Below . . . HERE
Mine Web
Markets collapse, silver static, platinum falls below gold. 
Gold has soared ahead of the platinum price for the first time in over a decade, while silver has stuttered. Where do we go from here?
Realisation has dawned, not before time, on the investment community and the general population, that the global financial problems are, indeed, serious and gold appears to have been the major beneficiary to date.
Recognition is becoming more widely spread. HERE.
Dollar and Euro in synchronized sinking. 
Asia drives gold to yet new highs Julian Phillips' analysis of what's been happening in the gold and silver markets this morning.
What can one do but shake ones head at the unfolding consequences of the last four year in which fundamental problems have not been resolved nor properly addressed.   For gold investors, life could not be better, of course.   Asia drove prices up from yesterday's records to $1,747.55 ahead of London's opening.    In the euro gold has crossed the milepost of €1,200 and vaulted to €1,228.16 at the same time.  HERE.
Gold hits record in biggest 3-day rally since 2008
Investors concerned about the myriad threats facing the global economy moved into gold, pushing the yellow metal to a new record above $1,778 an ounce. HERE.

SPDR Gold Trust holdings see largest one-day gain in more than a year
Investors seeking refuge from the global macro-economic maelstrom, flooded into the gold trust, raising its holdings to 1309.93 tonnes by the close of Monday's session.
Holdings of SPDR Gold Trust registered its biggest one-day gain in more than a year, rising 1.8 percent on Monday as investors flocked to seek refuge in bullion amid economic concerns triggered by a debt downgrade of the United States. HERE.

I like the CEF, because it holds both gold and silver. Silver is detracting from the gold holding presently. Silver will catch on like gangbusters if/as gold continues to sprint ahead. It will certainly catch up during the gold rush of the third phase of this 10 year plus bull market in metals. I'm in for the ride. 

Despite revised production guidance, Silver Wheaton net earnings triple
In spite of operational challenges at some of its partners' mines, Silver Wheaton reported record financial results during the 2Q11. This is what happens during metals rising prices. The leverage in the mining stocks will out pace the rise in metals in the final blast off. SLW is one of my core holdings. HERE.

 Gold surges through $1,700 as global monetary system falters
As politicians and central bankers try to get a handle on the continued concerns about sovereign debt, indications are that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade: 

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: DOW bounced up 201 to 11017;
S&P up 27.36 to 1149.37; NASDAQ up 71.23 to 2428.80; Gold up 3.90 to 1721.10; Silver off 1.32 to 37.71. Metals holding, but silver slipping a bit. General market was in need of an up date. This could be it. Miners are mixed today.
Best to each, Doug


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