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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sheriff Speaks on Immigration - Consumer Confidence Off - Commodity Gambling Banks - Gold & Silver Holding

Folks, We are moving into the time when the metals should begin to really shine. I expect much higher prices, with bumps & sandy spots along the way. The articles today are quite important. I would suggest that you at the very least scan them. Remember that when you gain one good idea from several of them, you are profiting by improving your understanding and opening eyes that may have been slightly closed.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The Lord also tells us that with wisdom we should also gain understanding. True wisdom and understanding comes not from the sin damaged minds of man, but of the perfect and all knowing mind of God. Thus, we must seek both from the written word of God, and not our thoughts and reason. King Jesus is in control of all, therefore, look to Him for everything, and verify everything we know, see, and feel must be verified by His word. If it is not in concert with His word, it is the folly of man. 


Consumer confidence plunges as hope dims Expectations at the lowest level in two years. HERE

The Daily Pfennig (

"The data cupboard gave us some revealing data prints yesterday. First, Home prices gauged by the Case-Shiller home-price index printed down -4.5% year over year. Every city in the 20-city survey experienced a year-over-year decline. And second, we had the latest pulse of Consumer Confidence, which plunged in August. The Index which last printed in July at 59.2, and was expected to fall to just 52, fell to 44.5! Talk about a free fall! You know, I'm usually wondering just where they found all the Polly Annas to survey on this. but this time it looks like they found a bunch of Chucks!"
The statistics again fail to verify the claims of government and the Fed that the economy is on the mend. I intend to stick to my precious metals plan and rest in the Lord.  


Sheriffs begin thumbing their nose at Obama's immigration waiverSee & hear a Sheriff speak out on You Tube HERE. 


IMF says Russia, Colombia raise gold holdings in July
According to data from the IMF, Colombia raised its official holdings of gold for the first time in 13 years while Russia continued to raise its gold reserves. This is one of the main reasons that the metals are holding up well in spite of the capping and profit taking. There are deep pocket buyers waiting for each dip in price. Maybe we should be doing the same as it does not appear that there will be a big correction any time soon. This is a bit of speculation on my part, but it does seem logical. HERE.

Gold's price surge draws prospectors, thieves and hopefuls from the woodwork
With gold now fetching over $1,800 an ounce, many people are looking to cash in on the jump, selling off jewellery and scouring rivers in the hopes of a payout. But, theft is also on the rise. All crime seems to be up as the economic situation worsens. Bad now, but much worse in on the way as it really begins to hit here in "River City." Remember Music Man. HERE.

Gold edges lower as investors await US Fed decision on stimulus
The gold market awaits US Federal decision on stimulus measures, but the metal is poised for its biggest monthly gain since November 2009. One does not need extra strong ears to hear Ben's helicopter engines warming. Perhaps, that is what global warming is all about. You think? HERE.

Gold likely to be steady, if not stronger in US trade today
Continued concerns about the debt crises in both the US and Europe are likely to help gold continue higher in the short term. We are approaching the historical good time for metals, so this is likely to be an understatement. HERE.

ECB Gold reserves drop by 4m euros for week ending August 26
According to data from the European Central Bank, the gold holdings declined as a result of the sale of gold by one central bank under the auspices of CBGA and gold coin trading by another. A small amount of sales, and likely due to severe shortage in reserves. HERE.

Gold's popularity growing, but what does that mean for demand?
According to a recent Gallup poll, one in three Americans view gold as the best long-term investment, but the numbers would suggest that very few of them are actually invested in the yellow metal. Most Americans are very naive about the security offered by the precious metals. Many newsletter writers on the speech circuits report the same thing. Few of the listeners are invested in or even holding any gold or silver. We, current Americans, have never faced the reality of civil unrest and attack by foreign powers so we have not had to depend upon gold, and such, to get us out of harms way. Though warned, many have their collective heads in the sand.  HERE.

Gold Eagle: 
Twelve Reasons To Own Gold & Silver Now!
I know what your first concerns and question are when you think about investing in precious metals, that the trend will reverse and you will lose principal. That fact kept me personally from making money as gold continued rising. Meanwhile I did all right with stocks but that is tough. From paper investments while your balance grows it doesn't seem like you make any real large progress with some big returns. This could be what you have been like me searching years for, some answers and something that is working performance wise and is like having insurance for your wealth, just like your house or car. Obviously that is a lot of information all at once but most of it is very simple to understand. HERE. 


The Real News:

Secret Exemptions Allowed Speculators to Distort Futures Markets
This is an important video. Some of us believe that there is manipulation in the markets. Here is another example. HERE.

Miners from Scottrrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: DOW up 76.25 to 11637.64; S&P up 10.04 to 1223.09; NASDAQ up 21.47 to 2597.06; Gold off 8.40 to 1826.70; Silver up 0.16 to 41.51. Looks like a fairly strong down for the general market with the metals hanging in but not real strong.

Best to each, Doug


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