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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Democracy is the Tyranny of the Majority - Gold & Silver Up Briskly - Sowell - Buchannan - Norris - Barron's Confidence Index

The metals are sprinting upward initially today. The dollar is mixed, but showing strength against most currencies. The general market is weak today, and it is interesting to see the metals up along with the dollar while the market languishes.

By the way, I did a little trading with Fortuna this week. Bought at 5.25 and sold at 5.86. The activity was with a few shares while holding much more in my portfolios.  I plan to replace upon any drops in the near future.

There are many sandy spots in market roads. One cannot expect markets to move in only one direction forever. It does not happen. I am pleased to wait and watch much of the time while resting in the fact that King Jesus is in total control of all. His mind oversees everybody and everything. I am content to let Him rule, because He is working all things according to the will of His Father. Thus, we look forward to each day He makes for us and we rejoice and are glad in each and every one.

Approach life seeking ways to give the glory to God for the furtherance of His kingdom throughout the entire earth and in all of man's institutions. That is the true life. Unbelief and remaining ignorance of God is a walking death.


The Media and 'Bullying'
Thomas Sowell
Back in the 1920s, the intelligentsia on both sides of the Atlantic were loudly protesting the execution of political radicals Sacco and Vanzetti, after what they claimed was an unfair trial. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote to his young leftist friend Harold Laski, pointing out that there were "a thousand-fold worse cases" involving black defendants, "but the world does not worry over them."
Holmes said: "I cannot but ask myself why this so much greater interest in red than black." HERE.

The 8th Miracle To Save America
Chuck Norris
Despite high unemployment, continued bad news across fiscal America and a presidency that has lacked luster and restorative productivity, Barack Obama's stats continue to rival his top GOP challengers. And let's not forget that he still has the mainstream media hypnotically backing him or that his campaign machine hasn't even unleashed its billion dollars, according to Mike Huckabee, to combat his competitor. HERE.

What Is It We Wish to Conserve?
Pat Buchanan
A conservative's task in society is "to preserve a particular people, living in a particular place during a particular time."
Jack Hunter, in a review of this writer's new book, "Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?" thus summarizes Russell Kirk's view of the duty of the conservative to his country. HERE.

Personal Liberty Digest:

Tyranny Of The Majority
As liberals go, I actually had a touch of like for Joltin’ Joe Biden in his Senate days. But since he got in bed with the Marxists in the Executive Branch, it’s become increasingly difficult to give him a pass. HERE.


Gold to continue upward bias and appreciate over time - Jeff Wright
The market is in for a bumpy ride, but in this interview with The Gold Report, Jeff Wright foresees upward trends for gold and market volatility makes some gold and silver stocks attractive at current prices. HERE.

Gartman contemplating gold buy back
In his latest newsletter the much-followed independent investor, said that he is prepared to buy back the gold he sold last week because the yellow metal has returned to those levels and would likely move higher. HERE.

Politicians push global financial system to the brink
David Levenstein argues that the meddling by politicians both in Europe and the US means the end game for the global monetary system is now total collapse, which will be good for gold. HERE.

Gold Money Foundation Pod Casts:

Podcast Logo

Dominic Frisby interviews Nick Laird

Dominic Frisby interviews Nick Laird, of, for the GoldMoney Foundation. They talk about the gold price and gold charts in detail and Nick mentions his time frame and price targets for the gold bull market. HERE.

Here is a sample chart from ShareLynx which I have annotated with two technicals. It seems to be highly negative.

Peter Brimelow
From MarketWatch Peter Brimelow Oct. 24, 2011, 11:40 a.m. EDT CORRECTED Gold bugs bruised but buoyant (again) Commentary: Gold manipulation thesis goes mainstream HERE.

Miners from Scottrade: While the miners are mixed, most are decoupling from the general market and following the metals higher today.
Currencies from KitCo:
Some Prices: DOW off 138.54 to 11774.55; S&P off 17.44 to 1236.75; NASDAQ off 36.77 to 2662.80; Gold up 32.20 to 1685.50; Silver up 0.45 to 32.27.

Best to each, Doug


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