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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Market, We Do Not Have!

Both silver and gold had a rough day yesterday. However, as you examine the graphs, above, you can see that neither has broken through its 200 day moving average. Also, it is easily seen that both remain in an upward trend. The rough waters are brought on by intervention which is discussed in the following from Casey's Daily Resource Plus:

"I talk about the boyz, the PPT, the bullion banks as if they are one. In some ways they are...because they are all interfering with a free market...each in their own area of influence. The '8 or less' and '4 or less' traders in gold and silver in the Commercial category of the Commitment of Traders are pretty much guaranteed to be made up mostly of the 'market makers' on the LBMA. Right now these traders have a short-side corner on gold and silver, as they are currently short between 75-80% of the entire Comex market in both metals."

We are far from a free market in precious metals. With the President's Plunge Protection Team (PPT), we are far from a free market in the general market, as well. Talk about a controlled economy. We have one!

The root problem is the counterfeit currency (FIAT, paper currency) monopoly of governments and central banks. Monopolistic Federal Reserve Notes are threatened by gold and silver. The precious metals give citizens freedom and the powers that be want to control the citizens rather than perform their normal functions. Remember, a good government uses all of its power and resources to protect the life, liberty, and property of citizens. Would that God would return our government to that limited goal. Until that happens, we are slaves to the governments.

Nevertheless, we can still protect much of our wealth by holding true money: gold and silver. Even the mining stocks will provide leverage for profit when there is less control of the precious metals markets. When? That is the big unknown.

One of the greatest threats to the little remaining freedom we enjoy is the North American Union. When implemented, it will mean the loss of any ties which we have with the Constitution of These United States of America. It will mean that we are subject to international law without the intervention of either our state or federal authorities. It is a further step toward the new world order spoken of so much by both Bushes and the Clintons. These globalists have virtually locked us into the Union.

Now HR3289, as reported by, will greatly expand the authority of the corrupt and arrogant Child Protective Services to include examination of homes to check on the parenting of families. Though the many failures and inappropriate actions of CPS in the past testify to the misguided actions, the power is now to be expanded by the Federal Government. We must oppose this legislation to cut it off before it passes.

Nevertheless, we remain confident that the Sovereign God of all is in control. However, it is incumbent upon each of us to humble ourselves before Him, repent and turn from our individual and collective sins, study His word diligently, apply it to our lives, and pray that He will heal our land before it is too late. As Christians, we know the love of God and that all things are working in accordance with His plans laid before He created the foundations of the universe. We love and serve Him, because He first loved us and works all things for our eventual good. Praise Him daily for His care and blessings.

Best to each, Doug


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