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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hyperinflation? - SCCO - Wiki Leaks - Sovereignty of God in Salvation - $1800 Gold in 2011


It is wonderful to trust in the Sovereign God of all and know that His promises to His people are true and that He is worthy of our worship and praise. He cares for each one of His people. He, through the Holy Spirit raises each one to life from the death of trespasses and sin, reveals the depravity of his sin, and leads Him to Jesus Christ in repentance and turning to an obedient life in Christ. Then the Holy Spirit continually works with this new person to bring about growth in knowledge of God's word and ability to life the Christ centered life. Praise God daily for this wonderful blessing which is all of God

From National Inflation Association:
NIA Discusses WikiLeaks, Bernanke, and Hyperinflation

NIA is deeply disturbed by how U.S. politicians and the mainstream media have been calling for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be charged with treason. Some people in Washington are even calling for the assassination of Assange like he is some kind of a terrorist, all because he helped spread the truth about our country's foreign policy and other sensitive topics. The U.S. is in very serious trouble if it has now become a crime to speak the truth.

Bernanke said in his interview that the purpose of the Federal Reserve's "quantitative easing" is to keep interest rates low, but the yield on 10-year U.S. treasuries rose to a new six month high today. The truth is, "quantitative easing" is causing interest rates to rise because all of the money being printed is about to cause an outbreak of massive price inflation. The yield on the 10-year bond has risen by 38 basis points during the past three days alone and is now up to 3.26%. NIA continues to believe that interest rates have seen their lows and yields on the 10-year bond will likely rise above 4% in the first half of 2011. This is a long article which shows that NIA supports the Constitution and is predicting hyperinflation during within a decade. This is in concert with John Williams (Shadow Stats) prediction of hyperinflation within two years. Folks, hyperinflation is very serious stuff and would cause precious metals to go up by leaps and bounds. That is the reason I have these in my portfolios. This is a very important read! HERE.

From Resource Investor:
Hyperinflation Watch – Numbers Don’t Lie
For several months I have been warning that hyperinflation of the US dollar is looming.  The ominous signs of this impending currency train-wreck are becoming increasingly clear. This article by James Turk adds to the evidence of potential hyperinflation on the horizon. HERE.

The Daily Pfennig reported today that the TIC (net foreign purchases of Treasuries was a very low $7.5 Billion Dollars in October. Chuck said that demand for Treasuries was "Gone With the Wind." Thus, it is becoming more difficult to finance our spending binge. Governmental spending must slow else we will continue to fall deeper and deeper in debt pushing the Federal Reserve to generate more unbacked dollars until the dollar is virtually destroyed.

From Mine Web:
Is the U.S. dollar too big to fail?
The authors see at the least a decline in the US dollar as inevitable over time and consider 'the plan' including revaluing against gold. This is an interesting question. Read their answer HERE.

From KitCo:
Market Nuggets: RBC Sees Potential For Correction In Copper After Recent Record High
16 December 2010, 9:19 a.m.
This could be signaling a buying opportunity or trades in options. I will report when/if I do something with copper. HERE.

Below is the StockCharts graph of Southern Copper which is a major player in copper. I have annotated the graph with my thoughts on SCCO. 
From Mine Web:
Turk - confident of $1800 gold, probably in Q1 2011
Analysis and comment on the latest Mineweb interview with James Turk who feels that $1800 gold is still just around the corner. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:
Currencies from Kitco:

Some Prices: FVITF 4.19; BULM 1.17; OLVRF 1.3307; SILA 0.45 (Still going no where.); HHWW 1.99 (Moving up and there is more hype on the Internet about the elite in Hollywood flocking to their products. I just do not know about this one.); TBT 40.30 (Up again today revealing a downward pressure on 20+ yr Treasuries.); DOW off 2+ to 11455.24; SPX up 1.50 to 1236.73; Gold 1365.20 down 14.20, and Silver down 0.30 to 28.49. (Both metals down, but miners, though down are still holding fairly well. I am not selling either the metals or miners, and am looking to buy more of the miners.)

Best to each, Doug


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