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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Correcting Metals = I'm Buying FVITF - Think about CEF - Miners Turning up - See Tsunami in Action

We must rest securely in the arms of King Jesus. Even during storms like tsunamis, we must trust in Him. If one is caught in one of these, He is the only hope one has. Such storms are well beyond our control and even our escape. Think about it. 

Startling video of the Tsunami hitting Japan. Sent to me by a friend. Check it out HERE.

Mine Web:
Dollar rises, gold falls. Same old, same old...
While it may be a stronger dollar, in relative terms at least, which has put yet another dent in gold and silver price growth, the latest price hiatus may yet be short-lived. I believe it will be a short correction, abboration, or whatever it is. HERE.

Mine Web: 
Gold good chance to hit $1800, silver to pass $50 this year - Jason Hamlin
Jason Hamlin considers Goldman Sachs and the big investment banks as ‘financial terrorists' and how high macro issues spanning the globe could push precious metal prices. Gold Report Interview. Very possible! At some time Americans will wake up to the wealth preservation properties of the precious metals. Then, look out! HERE.

Mine Web:
Gold hitting resistance around $1,440 but upward bias to remain
While the possibility of consolidation in the short term is good, global monetary and currency problems as well as higher inflation will continue to drive the price of gold higher. This too shall pass. Before too long, I expect it to crash through this barrier as it has passed through many on the way to this intermediate height.  HERE.

Town Hall:
Thomas Sowell
Voting with Their Feet
The latest published data from the 2010 census show how people are moving from place to place within the United States. In general, people are voting with their feet against places where the liberal, welfare-state policies favored by the intelligentsia are most deeply entrenched.
When you break it down by race and ethnicity, it is all too painfully clear what is happening. Both whites and blacks are leaving California, the poster state for the liberal, welfare-state and nanny-state philosophy. This is an interesting report on the effects of "cradle to the grave" welfare. No wonder there is a problem with a growing population of illegals who come here for the welfare "benefits." Remember that it is the productive folks who are leaving, as they always do to escape heavy taxation.  HERE.

Town Hall:
Chuck Norris
Obama Triangulates on Gun Control
Let me completely disclose my position: I am a strong Second Amendment advocate. I believe in protecting our fundamental rights, including our Second Amendment rights, through the political process. To that end, I serve as honorary chairman of the "Trigger The Vote" voter registration campaign.
That campaign is funded by the National Rifle Association's Freedom Action Foundation. We work in every election cycle to register gun owners and hunters to vote and add them to the ranks of millions of grass-roots voters who have established Second Amendment issues as the new "third rail" of American politics. Those voters and the newly registered voters we can add to their ranks between now and November 2012 will have their job cut out for them in the next election cycle. Here we go again. The liberals are using the government to take our guns. Then they will not have the possibility of resistance, and we will become slaves. Slaves are not free as our forefathers wanted the citizens of the states to be. It is good when the government has some fear of the citizens. It is not good when the government, which is for the Godly purpose of protecting the life, liberty, and property of the citizens, is feared by the people. HERE.

Kitco News: 
In Times of Uncertainty Are Gold Prices Certain?
With the recent earthquake in Japan and the civil war in Libya, many investors expected gold to soar easily to $1,500. Experts said, however, that gold does not necessarily rise during wars or crises; it all depends on a series of factors including the economic context of the time.
"The generalization is, there is no generalization. When there is a catastrophe – people sell everything," said Mark Leibovit, a chief market strategist for "I'm not banking on the disasters. When bad news hits, I'm afraid everything will drop," he told Kitco News. This is an interesting article with a neat chart. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF  5.206 (I'm buying in this range, and will buy more if the price drops closer to 5.00); BULM 1.50; OLVRF 1.70; HHWW 0.79; DOW from negative early to up 26+ to 12223.2; SPX up 1.2+ to 1311.43; Gold 1419.10 down 1.8; Silver down 0.16 to 37.

Best to each, Doug


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