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Monday, April 04, 2011

Thrust in King Jesus - REMX - Miners - Currencies - And More

I urge each of you to make your own investment decisions. It is impossible for me to know your present portfolios, financial situation, and risk tolerance. This blog is designed to let you know what I am doing in the markets which may not be correct for you. On the other hand, as I continue to study the bible which is the inerrant word of the Sovereign Creator God, I find it to provide factual history, and of significant importance is that it is the only true and accurate guide for all of life and practice. That is true, not simply because it has been proven to be true throughout history, but because its author is the One and Only True God. 

Knowing this provides peace and security to each and every one of His people. We are dedicated to service under our King Jesus. Praise Him daily and rest in Him. He is the only one upon whom we can depend with absolute faith.

Business Insider:
Deutsche Bank: "It's Not Just Food And Energy Inflation Anymore"
The inflation problem is now moving beyond food and fuel and starting to impact the core, according to Deutsche Bank's Carl Riccadonna. Riccadonna breaks down the inflation problem noting that, while some of what's happening right now is the result of bleed through from fuel costs to other portions of the economy, the inflation uptrend is also the result of improving economic conditions and rising demand. Interesting article with a good graph. HERE.
UPDATE 1-Rep. Paul planning hearing on Fed foreign lending
Persistent Federal Reserve critic Representative Ron Paul plans to hold a hearing on the U.S. central bank's emergency loans to the branches of non-U.S. banks, and could ask a Fed official to testify, his spokeswoman said on Saturday.
"I was surprised and deeply disturbed ... to learn the staggering amount of money that went to foreign banks," Paul said in a statement. At least one person in government wants to keep the Federal Reserve out of international lending (possibly bribing) foreign banks. HERE.

Mine Web:http:
Silver prices, silver stock performance and non-Asian coal stocks
A look at the trends within the silver market's rapid rise and where the rest of the portfolio flows are heading. Go HERE for the article and PodCast.

Mine Web:
Explorationists hope Nevada will mitigate punitive claims fee hike
A bill designed to mitigate, but not eliminate, a Nevada claims fee hike on small miners and junior exploration companies, is slated for hearing this week in the Nevada Legislature. Our governments, both Federal and states, are experts at running businesses out of the U.S. This type of taxation has been and will continue to be sending companies across our borders. HERE.

Mine Web:
Gold will achieve new record highs this year - Blanchard
Blanchard and Company's research analysts see gold achieving further new highs in 2011 as little has changed in the drivers which have brought gold to its current levels.There are many such forecasts out there. I lean toward believing that we will see higher gold prices this year, but there will be sandy spots along the way. HERE.

Mine Web:
Real money gold is king of tangible assets, silver queen
To preserve wealth it is necessary to transfer assets out of fiat and into tangibles of which physical gold is the principal option. Technical analysis. HERE.
Below, is another look at REMX which is a good representative in the Rare Earths Industry. These minerals are essential to manufacture of many weapons and in short supply worldwide. China has a good supply and is stocking up more. It is presently on a very strong upward move following a severe downward spike. 
Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: FVITF  5.5463;OLVRF 1.7258; SENY 0.80; BYDDF 3.77 (This is still in my buying range); REMX 37.13; DOW up 18+ to 12395.19; SPX up almost 2 to 1333.84; Gold up 7.91 to 1436.80; Silver up 0.72 to 38.55. Both precious metals are making assaults on new highs, but both have failed to push threw to new highs recently. The strength does not seem to be there at present.

Best, Doug


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