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Friday, September 02, 2011

King Jesus Rules Regardless of our Beliefs - FVITF - HMY - Gold & Silver Booming - General Market Down Big Time

The beauty of rule by King Jesus is that He never changes. Like His word, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That is how strong our rock of security is. No government on earth can realistically make that claim, because each is forever changing. Thus, one has no excuse for disobedience to the word of God. However, no one can fully live without unknowningly violating man's laws which are forever undergoing change. These are too voluminous and complex for any of us to know all of man's law. However, obedience to the Ten Commandments is easy under the power and wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit. However, this is man's duty in obedience to the word of the Sovereign God.


Roubini: QE3 Coming September 21st

See the video HERE

The Telegraph:

Central bank flight to Federal Reserve safety tops Lehman crisis
A key warning signal of global financial stress has shot above the extreme levels seen at the height of the Lehman crisis in 2008. HERE.

India's need for gold in September undiminished by high prices
With a cluster of Indian festivals in September, culminating in Diwali in October, and the wedding season kicking into gear at the end of this month, Indian customers are going to ludicrous lengths to buy gold. HERE.

Where does gold go from here - $1,500 or $2,000?
A scan of the opinions from a broad spectrum of analysts suggests two outcomes for the gold price, a drop to $1,500 or a rise to $2,000, the question is, which way will it go and what will be the main force behind the move? My vote is for 2,000+ by the end of the year. HERE.

Gold sales an unlikely solution to euro zone debt crisis - Analysts
Despite calls for Europe's most indebted countries to sell their gold assets to shore up their finances, analysts doubt this will resolve the debt crisis. This is a poor choice. It is best to hold the gold as we are still in a gold bull market and not the bubble that too many are calling it. HERE.

China's main precious metals bourse welcomes Barclays
The Shanghai Gold Exchange has granted the Shanghai branch of Barclays approval to become a trading member. China's expanding its influence in international markets. HERE.

NUM/Harmony Gold's contractor finalise wage deal
The National Union of Mineworkers has settled the wage dispute involving Harmony Gold's contractor ALS and its workers at the Kalgold mine. That is good news for one of my core holdings (HMY). HERE.

Fortuna's San Jose silver-gold mine in Mexico achieves commercial production
Fortuna Silver Mines says its newly commissioned San Jose silver-gold mine in Oaxaca, Mexico, is a "company changer." More good news from FVITF, a major core holding among my silver miners. HERE.


This is a conservative alternative to the liberal AARP. Check it out HERE.

Congressman West from Florida speaks on Muslims:

Dealing With Muslims   (From a friend!)

Two Black Americans were elected to congress this cycle, and both are Republican.   Col. West is from southern Florida.   He won in a walk.

This new Congressman was an extremely popular commander in Iraq.   He was forced to retire because during an intense combat action a few of his men were captured.   At the same time his men captured one of the guys who were with the Iraqis who captured his men.

Knowing that time was crucial and his interrogators were not getting anywhere with the prisoner, Col. West took matters into his own hands.  He burst into the room and demanded thru an interpreter that the prisoner tell him where his men were being taken.  The prisoner refused so Col. West took out his pistol and placed it into the prisoner's crotch and fired.   Then the  Col. told the prisoner that the next shot would not miss.  So the prisoner said he would show where the American service members were being taken.  The Americans were rescued.  Someone filed a report on incorrect handling of prisoners.  Col. West was forced to retire.  Col. West was elected in November 2010 to Congress from  Florida ..   During the elections he was part of a panel on how to handle or how to relate to Muslims.   You will see his answer here explaining in just over a minute the truth about Islam.  Please watch and if you agree, please forward it to your friends.

See the video HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:

Currencies from KitCo:

Some Prices: DOW off 217.36; \S&P off 24.95 to 1179.49; NASDAQ off 45.06 to 2500.49; Gold up 49.90 to 1875.30; Silver up 1.35 to 42.85.

Best to each, Doug


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