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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shariah Law Governing US Courts? - Boeing Dreamliner takes Paying Passengers - Gold & Silver Rallying Strongly - Dollar mixed, but a bit lower - Miners Showng Strength.

Metals are showing out today. However, the first article, below, carries and ominous message to freedom lovers of America. Be sure and check this out.

Do you know what your child is learning in the government socialistic school system? The schools have evolved over two Centuries into behavior modifying, anti-Christian bastions which produce graduates who can barely read or wright, but are virtual slaves to government from the cradle to the grave. They are teaching that the government is the messiah. 

Yes, there are some Christian teachers in the failed system, but if they are often fired if they so much as mention King Jesus. They are also compelled to spread the acceptance of various life styles, pagan religions, and humanism which is another form of pagan religion. 

The entire government school system is wrong from the git go and cannot be reformed into any thing of value. Be certain that you know everything your children are being taught. You will be surprised as you study the textbooks of today which clearly show this.

World Net Daily:
Shariah Law Being Used in U.S. Courts to Decide Cases
Many cases being decided by edicts from Muhammad
Islamic law, or Shariah, already is being applied in the U.S. court system, according to an extensive new report. A recent Center for Security Policy study called "Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases outlines dozens of cases in which the Islamic system of law has been applied. Center spokesman David Reaboi said the Islamic strictures are being carried out mostly in cases in which foreigners are the principals. Certainly, our court system gives us cause to ask God for reinstatement of Common Law, but if this article is true, the battle has been lost. Perhaps, this is more of God's judgment on America, because we have turned from Him. HERE.
Mine Web:

Gold jumps above $1,700 as volatility rises
After rising in late trade in the US yesterday, investors in both Asia and London continued to push prices of the yellow metal higher as all eyes focus on the European Union. HERE.

Is gold back? - More upside seen as it probes $1720
Strong Asian demand, a rise in gold ETF purchases and the Eurozone financial crisis are all coming together to put a stronger focus on precious metals with the VIX fear index rising again. HERE.

Indians rush to buy more gold during festive period
Despite a huge jump in gold prices , Indians thronged gold markets all across the country on Monday, with serpentine queues outside retail outlets way past midnight, buying up gold coins rather than gold jewellery. HERE.


Yen Strengthens to Record on U.S. Growth, Europe Concerns; Aussie Weakens HERE.

Oil Advances a Fourth Day in New York as China Considers Economic Stimulus HERE.

Czechs Don’t Need 2011 Eurobond Sale as Finance Ministry Taps Households
The Czech Republic may delay plans to sell Eurobonds this year because international markets are volatile, while budget cuts and low inflation help borrowing in the local currency. HERE.


Analysis: Obama's moves pack political rather than economic heft

President Barack Obama is bombarding Americans with job initiatives that may lack economic heft but show him as an activist leader compared to a 'do-nothing' Congress as he campaigns for re-election in 2012. HERE.

Dreamliner carries its first passengers and Boeing's hopes
The Boeing Co Dreamliner, the world's first carbon-composite airliner, flew to Hong Kong from Tokyo carrying its first paying passengers on Wednesday in a flight that could set a new benchmark in air travel. HERE.

King World News Blog:

Rick Rule - Gold & Silver Surging as Takeover Mania to Begin

With gold up $47, trading above the $1,700 level and silver surging about $1.50 to $33, today King World News interviewed one of the most street smart pros in the resource sector, Rick Rule, Founder of Global Resource Investments, which is now part of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management. When asked what is driving the markets and what he sees going forward, Rule replied, “I understand now that the Europeans have had 22 emergency meetings and the market is impatient for them to do something.  You and I both believe that the situation they face in Europe is not resolvable so they have probably already done as much as they can.HERE.

KWN Special - John Hathaway: Gold Stampede Now Imminent
With gold and silver blasting higher, along with the mining shares, as the Dow plunged over 200, today King World News interviewed four decade veteran, John Hathaway, the prolific manager of the Tocqueville Gold Fund.  When asked about the tremendous action in both gold and silver, Hathaway replied, “Get used to it, we are going to see $50 and $100 days both ways.  To me we have had our correction, shook out a lot of people and now there is sellers remorse.  Now those people are not able to get back in except by paying a higher price, so this is classic bull market action.”  The third phase just around the corner? Could be? I had thought it to be some later and still believe it will be. HERE.

Gold looks very strong over night and this morning. It has a long way to go to make up for the prior sandy spots. I noticed it was now slowing to 1718.10 as I was putting this together. Hope the boyz are not back capping it a 1720 through which it must break and then surge to above 1743. Here is a look at the Stock Charts graph of spot gold. 

Miners from Scottrade: the miners are very strongly following the move of the metals in much stronger moves than the general market.

Currencies from KitCo:
Some Prices: DOW up 98.09 to 11805.92; S&P up 4.37 to 1232.99; NASDAQ down 3.14   to 2634.03; Gold up 18+ to 1723; Silver up 0.42 to 33.69. Both metals very strong.

Best to each, Doug


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